Kiana at nahant beach via seejaneblog

myla at nahant beach via seejaneblog

kj at nahant beach via seejaneblog

sela at nahant beach via seejaneblog

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

kiana: enjoys scary movies. like: the really really scary ones.
myla: told me this week, “smart phones should be solar powered and only use their battery when they are not in sunlight. best idea ever, right?
kj: i was driving home from the sox game last weekend with kj, and sela in the car when kj proceeds to tell me, “did you know girls can orgasm longer and multiple times compared to a boy… the only thing is, i can’t really figure out what an orgasm is.”

he’s telling me this with a tone that he’s very serious and really frustrated that he doesn’t understand.

so… my son likes youtube and he watches, “the science of videos…” all the time without me realizing there was a “science of orgasm.” (video here.)

it’s actually a very classy video explaining orgasms, and not a show and tell, or a full on adult video on the likes of www.nu-bay.com – thank goodness.

i also teach our kids ALL about the birds and bees when they are eight years old, so i quickly responded to kj’s question by reminding him what an orgasm was – when and how it takes place – etc etc – –– and he quickly covered his face in embarrassment that he had discussed such topics in front of his little sis.

sela: tells husband and i nearly every day, she is going to take care of us when we are older. she’s going to cook us delicious meals too. such a sweetie.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

3 responses to “22/52”

  1. Thank you for my laugh of the day! The question is whether I will be able to look at him on Wednesday without laughing myself silly. . .

  2. I am dying! That is hilarious! My poor six year old walked in on us the other night and I am having a hard time explaining to her. The birds and the bees talk scares me. I need to go back and re read you blog post you wrote on the subject 🙂

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