i’ve been “ABC” tagged…by Britney Wall
{I’m beginning to feel a bit narcissistic}

a- attached or single: unknown.
b- best friend: I have a grand collection.
c- cake or pie: The best chocolate cake ever! see here for recipe.
d- day of choice: Sunday
e- Essential item: cell phone, computer, toothbrush & toothpaste
f- favorite color: red
g- gummi bears or worms: neither. Good & Plenty’s or Chocolate dipped cinnamon bears
h- hometown: Montesano, Washington. “Home of the tree farm”
i- indulgence(s): sugar, a shower with enough time to shave, going to the bathroom without a child in tow
j- january or july: both. January is my birthday. July is my season.
k- kids: Kiana, Myla, KJ, & Sela
l- life is incomplete without: love
m- marriage date: Feb. 1, 1996
n- number of siblings: technically none. But, I have 4 wonderful half-sisters & two great half-brothers.
o- oranges or apples: neither. Watermelon, strawberries, mangoes.
p- phobias of fears: something biting or touching my leg when I’m in lake powell, one of my kids getting a terminal disease or something of the sort, my house flooding {i kinda live in a flood zone, ya think?},
q- quote(s): “It takes courage to grow up, and become who you really are.”
r- reason to smile: my kids; really, there are 1,000’s of reasons to smile.
s- season: summer. my kids are out of school!!!
t- tag five: Teresa Adams, Kara Ford, Sara Staker, Rebecca Clarke, and Brandy Brinkeroff
u- unknown fact about me: I tried out for Cheerleader in college and didn’t make it. But, I got over it. And, I discovered the Ballroom dancing team!
v- vegetarian or oppressor of animal: Oppressor. I eat meat at least 3 times a day. I don’t eat many carbohydrates, so that leaves protein available…LOTS of protein!
w- worst habit: WORST…gossiping.
x- x-rays or ultrasounds: depends on the purpose.
y- your favorite food: I have sat here thinking for 10 minutes, I really like food…having a favorite is way too hard. I LOVE everything at Ruth’s Chris, I LOVE sushi, and/or most ethnic foods in general.
z- zodiac: Capricorn

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  1. So excited that I knew almost ALMOST all these things about you! 🙂

    Thanks for the tag, friend… I hope Myla’s feeling better and that the rest of you are holding tough…


  2. Jane – I knew almost everything on this list but what shocked me was the “cheerleader tryouts ” wow I never knew- and what was sad is I was down there with you at SUU- of course I probably did not know you at that time. First off, I know you are too modest to say “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING” have they seen you dance? Rhetorical question, my bad – of course they didn’t see you dance. I spent hours watching you and Daph dance- now that I think of it I am glad you did not make it. That way you ended up in Ballroom with Daph. So Dusty and I could hang out together staring at you beautiful woman dancing! Can you tell this threw me back a few years – fun to reminisce. – TZB

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