Kiana packing

Myla legos

KJ mustache

sela under desk

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

kiana: is thrilled we are moving back to utah. try as i may to make her an east coast girl, she is a utah girl at heart and can’t wait to be back “home.”
myla: voluntarily decided to dump out our lego collection one storage bin at a time, and organized them by “types” of legos.
kj: on a beautiful sunny day i was standing in my kitchen this past week. i looked up to gaze out the window and enjoy the view, when i spotted my son sitting under the biggest tree in our backyard. holding a very long dry tree branch in one hand and a lighter in the other… he was attempting to light the branch on fire. BUSTED.
sela: as the packing has begun, she likes to camp out under my desk to color these days.

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