I am going to try and prioritize well today – So, I will blog first…

I’m in the middle of cleaning out our basement storage room, it’s had chaos hit it lately… It feels so good to see it coming together and looking pretty again!

I am almost done with the easter egg – scavenger hunt for Easter morning. I like to have my kids wake up to an empty easter basket with a note that sends them on their way to 15 clues and fills their baskets a long the way. The time involved is insane this year, I made all picture clues for KJ since he isn’t really reading yet, more difficult clues for Myla, and very difficult clues for Kiana…Dusty and Sela are being sent on KJ’s. And, this year, I’m sending the kids in different directions because we had disaster/sibling arguing last year when a brother and/or sister would get to the next clue before someone. ugh. I hate arguing during fun events. But, I think I’ll have it all done today!

I’ve been cleaning out my closet for spring/summer, I have piles of things all over and can almost not walk in my closet…I will get it clean today!

Dusty & Sela are having their pictures taken at Rubberball in the morning by Nicole “a little sussy” blog, I CAN’T WAIT to see what she does with them – I need to pack a bag of outfits for Sela…

Myla needs 4 hard-boiled eggs for school tomorrow…

Dusty left me a note with about 8 credit card companies to call, and change/update things I have to do because they’re in my name. I dread making phone calls like this, but commit to getting it done TODAY!

I plan on working out and showering around noon, we’ll see…

Myla’s new indoor soccer team {that I coach} starts tomorrow, I need to get everyone their jersey’s and call a couple more mom’s…

KJ has a play date after preschool…my girls, have tumbling at 2:30…Myla has ballroom at 4:00…Kiana piano at 5:15…Myla piano at 5:45….my soccer game is at 6:10… and I, somehow think this is one of our “less-busy” days because we’ll all be done and home around 7pm!!! hehe.

Happy Tuesday to everyone!

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  1. Wow – super mom! I don’t think I could be organized enough to keep up with all of that! I Love the idea of indiviual easter egg hunts!! Good luck today! See you at soccer.

  2. When did life get so stinkin crazy? I hate it some days too!! I feel like I need a couple more hours a day. Are you busy on Thurs. or Friday for lunch? I’ll call you.

  3. You are one busy mama! Sounds like me, except it is all Calling…
    Dish Network, Moving company, cancel Qwest, wash sheets, organize closets before the movers come, call Tile guy, etc…
    Now thanks for the reminder of the Hardboiled eggs for tomorrow!
    Oh and i called Blakes mom for you about Soccer tomorrow!
    That should be so fun!

  4. I’m with you on the whole ‘fighting when we are supposed to be bonding’ thing! Way to think ahead!

    I love going through stuff and cleaning/organizing. I’m doing that now, although I think it’s partially the ‘nesting’ bug!

    You are amazing and inspiring!

  5. I just had my hubby pick up bags that you can vacuum the air out to cut down on Fall/Winter clothes bins! What is it about the changing of the season that puts us all to work. I love and dread the list at the same time 🙂 Love the Easter basket idea…

  6. I took 2 naps today… Soaked in the tub… caught up with my blogging-buddies…sent my boys outside to play… watched Oprah… days like this come few and far between around here. Guess that’s what I get for feling miserable and having to clear my schedule! (Although I think it would make me CRAZY if it was always this slow!)

    I am hitting my storage closet this week, too. It sits downstairs half done and calling to me… I need energy! 🙂

  7. That is one long list. No wonder I catch you blogging so late at night!

    I used to think that babies were so much work and the ladies at work would roll their eyes and say “wait until the kids get older and they all have so many activities!”

  8. Crazy busy! Mom’s are blessed to get by on very little sleep. But its the best job in the world! I love your scavenger hunt for baskets. We do one for birthdays and my boys LOVE it. I know what you mean about kids fighting during an event that you plan to be so cute. Sibling rivalry! What can you do? Good idea to send them all in different directions!

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