2011 calendar

…my latest project:
{front cover}

{a glimpse at a few of the monthly pages}

{and, the back cover}

available in my etsy shop, here.

i would just be thrilled if i could mass produce this little beauty of mine.

are any of you friends with people in high places…like an ikea buyer?
maybe ikea would like a few thousand of these calendars…?

it’s 7″x12″
printed on natural 110 pound paper. {think double card stock thick, it’s nice.}
very fresh.

{i can dream…}

and…one picture of my little helper, because she wanted her picture taken, too!


the notebooks i mentioned here, are now available here for sale!

7 responses to “2011 calendar”

  1. Jane,
    those are spectacularly cool! I love them! Question…. would you to know how to design labels for my quilt's? Perhaps something printed on cotton tape? I am in need of labels like…right now. Please let me know… thanks! 🙂

  2. Jane, I LOVE your calendar! Well done!! It just might be on my Christmas list!! I'd also be interested in clothing labels…let me know! 🙂

  3. I love your calendar! It's SO chic, every last detail screams vintage! This is definitely something my family would have hanging up in our house! And for the record, any company would be crazy not to sell these calendars in their stores!

    –Morgan Sapp

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