1984 vs. 2010

i wanted my kids to have an appreciation of where the new ‘karate kid’ originated…

so, we all snuggled up on the couch to watch the 1984 “karate kid’ on thursday evening.

our kids all loved it! dusty & i thoroughly enjoyed re-living the 80’s movie. i was such a huge ‘elisabeth shue’ fan. especially after she starred in ‘adventures in babysitting’ & ‘cocktail’.

i was 8 years old, and dusty was 13 when the original movie was released. dusty was a great ‘ralph macchio’ look-alike back in the day. wink. wink.

on friday night we went to the movies to see the new ‘karate kid,’ and we all agreed between the two, it’s our favorite! however, you can’t really compare the two, the 1984 version will forever remain a classic.

for those of you who have not seen it yet, i will say, there is a totally funny, entertaining, kick-butt jackie chan scene, and jaden smith a.k.a. Dre Parker is tight & fierce.

dear jaden smith-
i would love you to marry one of my daughters…there are three to choose from!

2 responses to “1984 vs. 2010”

  1. we saw it on friday too! LOVED it.. i especially loved jaden smith, he was seriously so dang cute. look at his muscles!

    i am dying laughing because we are huge fans of the original karate kid, it is a total classic! also cory always had a crush on "elisabeth shue" haha

    we are so from the 80's! love it!

  2. We can't wait to see this! Great idea to watch old version first. I'm totally going to rent it tomorrow.

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