We went to this film tonight. I took Kiana & Myla and they each invited friends to come. I thought it was really good. I had no expectations. Kiana has read all of “The Spiderwick Chronicles” at school and had heard from her friends that the movie wasn’t as good as the books. She liked it…and it gave us a good jump in our seats at least once. Plus, I’m becoming fond of this kid who was also in August Rush – I’m going to have to find out his name…

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  1. Freddie Highmore is his name. He’s also in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Finding Neverland. I love him, he’s a great actor!

  2. He is a great a great actor!! I need to take Boston to see that. He is just on the first book though.

  3. Fun! I swear there are so many good kids books/movies compared to when we were growing up. How great is it that Kiana and her friends are into reading?!

  4. My son cries everytime he even sees a picture of it. Poor thing. I need to do storytime at Borders, how fun!!! And yes I feel great, pheww good thing.

  5. Very talented actor, also in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. My kids REALLY want to see this. I should have sent them with you. I don’t see Crew making it through this movie. He BARELY made it through Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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