Moab under canvas glamping via seejaneblog
Moab Utah outdoor style via seejaneblog
Moab under canvas deluxe safari tent via seejaneblog
Moab Utah via seejaneblog
Australian labradoodle bike ride via seejaneblogA portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: With all her might, she is hoping our family never camps or glamps again. She loves the outdoors but does not like sleeping in the outdoors. Her tent didn’t have a wood stove or heater and the cold nightly temps were not friendly.

Myla: Currently suffering from intense shin splints. For weeks she has been icing, massaging, stretching, taking it easy when it comes to running/walking/hiking, going to physical therapy and we are all hoping they heal soon!!!

KJ: While in Moab, Utah for spring break we spent one afternoon at a cool music park. KJ was laying on a blanket enjoying a sunny outdoors rest with another blanket over him – when he had his iPhone and said, “I wish I had a pillow app!” (the kids all had their own tents or tipi’s – to share with friends – we still ended up with a kid in our bed each morning!)

Sela: “Best spring break ever! Best trip ever!!!” She shed a few tears when it was time to leave Moab.

Wellesley Baloo: Her first bike ride in the bike basket the Easter Bunny brought her! She did NOT want to sit down and relax. We’re hoping with time and more rides she might like this idea!

All photos by me, Jane Rhodes

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  1. Hi Jane..
    I played first singles in high school and suffered from horrible shin splints as well. Our trainer used to have to come and ice them immediately after my match. I saw a podiatrist who made me custom inserts for my shoes and as long as I wear them no shin splints! I took a fifteen year break from tennis and now play four times a week. I still have the inserts and still continue to not have any problems. I just wanted to drop you a quick line as they were literally a “Game Changer” for me.

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