kiana playing piano

myla likes rootbeer floats

KJ likes icees and slurpees

sela, always on the go

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

kiana: started up piano lessons again this week! i think she missed it. she’s been playing multiple times a day, every day.
myla: we travel throughout new england almost every weekend for USTA tournaments for this girl. and promptly after she’s finished, we go to lunch, or dinner – touring the restaurants of new england with her too! she has a fetish for root beer floats.
kj: has a fetish for icees. and slurpees.
sela: always on the go. carries an endless supply of energy in her soul. just like her daddy.

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I found your blog today while looking for an Easter egg source from Pinterest! I’m glad I found it, what I’ve so so far is really lovely. I was at ALT as well – too bad we didn’t meet. Maybe next time?


I love this concept and look forward to it each week. How were softball tryouts?