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A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: Kitchen dance party!!!

Myla: We were sitting at family dinner this past week when I noticed a sharpie marker “#15” on the inside of Myla’s wrist. Intrigued, I asked her, “Myla, what’s that #15 for?” With a little grin she told me… “Oh. That’s (boyfriend who plays baseball)’s number… when we have games, I write his number on my hand/wrist/arm, and when he has games – he does the same with my number – “#24” I sighed. Cutest thing I’ve ever heard! Immediately we all started to try and figure out what we could write on our wrists with our significant others when we have something special going on! I absolutely love it – I’m all about channeling good energy in any way possible. Kiana who was at family dinner with her boyfriend – decided they’d use their initials. What would you use?

KJ: Typically late for the bus these days – he’s often RUNNING to make it to the bus stop. Recently he ran bareroot holding his socks, shoes, and lunch bag – and barely made it!

Sela: We were getting manicures with grandma this weekend when she asked her, “Grandma, did you know koala babies eat their momma’s poo?” then she added, “I’m really happy none of us are koalas.”

Wellesley Baloo: She hurt her front left leg recently, and we have no idea how. She had ex-rays showing no broken bones so it’s likely soft tissue damage in her elbow. She’s been on pain medicine to help but is still consistently limping. We’re supposed to keep her calm, and no long walks – it is almost impossible to keep a puppy calm!

All photos by me, Jane Rhodes

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