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Australian labradoodle four month old puppy napping via seejaneblog
A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: Went to prom with one of her best friends, Parker, and had such a great time. You can see a video of the day/date here!

Myla: I was late to Myla’s first high school softball game, and while I was hustling to get there – Dusty sent me a text that said, “Baby girl is playing short stop!!!” She had an awesome hit too! I’m looking forward to ten weeks of softball games, and lots of big hair ribbons tied into bows on her braids!

KJ: He’s been in a board game phase lately – lots of Chess this past week!

Sela: I usually try to post pictures of the kids alone, but I snapped this of Sela and her bestie Stella this past week at a dance competition – they were taking selfie after selfie on Stella’s mom’s iPhone.

Wellesley Baloo: I’m jealous of her napping schedule, and she chooses the best places to sleep!

All photos by me, Jane Rhodes

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