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A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: After school. Talking about her new boyfriend.

Myla: What you can’t see: this list she made of her current three college choices touches the floor. It’s now hanging next to her bed – Should I say focused? Driven. Ambitious. Dreamer. Goal-setter. Is she really my child?

KJ: He’s been grounded from “electronics” for about two solid weeks now – so when he needs to use a computer for homework these days, you would think he’d won the lottery.

Sela: For those of you who are familiar with the Gateway mall in SLC – we were driving down the road in the middle of the shops this past week when Sela peered out her window and in a long drawn out comment said, “W-ooo-aaaa-hhhh. THAT is the biggest Dick’s I’ve ever seen!” with pure eight year old innocence. Needless to say, this statement has been repdated multiple times this week with laughter.

Wellesley Baloo: A lover and a fighter.

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