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A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: Had “Preference” on Saturday. This is a girls choice semi-formal in Utah. She had five couples in her group – all good friends, masquerade was the theme. They went to breakfast and ice skating on her day date. Then I took their pictures at our house, the group had dinner at Tepanyaki’s, went to the dance, and went to her friend Tatum’s house afterwards for S’mores and a movie.

Myla: Preparing an egg for her puppy. One at breakfast. One at dinner time.

KJ: He took a four hour test on Saturday for an honors program next year in junior high. When I picked him up afterwards and asked, “How was the test?” He replied, “In the science section, there was a question: What is the outer shell of a nuclear micro-organism? WHAT IS THAT?” He was dying laughing.

Sela: I helped host a Japanese themed event this past week, and we had a motherload of extra accessories from styling outfits. I brought the bag of items home for her (mostly from Claire’s boutique) – she grabbed it, ran to her room, dumped everything out on her bed and told me, “This is all going to look so good with my street style outfits!!!” ha!

Wellesley Baloo: We worked on her fielding skills this past week. She does best with grounders.

Photos by me, Jane Rhodes. Edited by my daughter, Kiana Rhodes.

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