♣ happy st. patrick’s day ♣

our day of green usually includes:

♣ a visit from a leprechaun, bringing something green to wear.

♣ green crepes & green milk for breakfast.

♣ lots of green snacks & sometimes green dinner too…

kj’s boston jersey is an original by pro look sports, husbands company.

i used my sparkling water bottles from here, for vases to decorate our breakfast table.

i filled them with individual flowers from a large bouquet via costco. i’m a big big fan of fresh flowers in my kitchen. it creates this fresh-outdoors feel that i adore. myla & kj also took one of these to school for their teachers desks today.

my favorite sock-styled-slipper, from here .
myla’s mini leprechaun hat made it’s way to her football, she and kj both pack footballs for recess at school these days…!

in fact, last week, i got a phone call from husband in the middle of the afternoon – he said, “this is the happiest day of my life!”

my reply, “really? wassup?”

husband had spotted KJ on the field playing football during recess while he was driving by! ha! {kj has highly disliked football until recently…} that is the heart of the college-football-player, i married.

myla also drew me a chalkboard surprise last night & unveiled her picture today.

miss four wore her green jacket to ballet class today, then handed out green shamrock silly bands to her class so they all had green on during ballet.

after ballet, she made a switch into this cute outfit –

her shirt was made by alison, inspired by my shirt here.
sela’s clogs can be found here – she loves that they are “heels.” if you buy some in the next couple of days look for a friends & family 30% off discount!

sela & i were matchy-matchy today with my grey hoodie & her grey cardigan. today was easy to match with a green theme…

but, quite often, if i’ve picked out the kids’ clothes, i’ll be sitting in say, the pediatrician’s office…

and realize,

we all look so-well-coordinated that we should take a family photo. fellow-mommas of the world: do you ever realize this, after dressing your kids? maybe you show up at an event and you’re all in grey/yellow, or denim and white tops? happens to me, every time i choose our clothes. i dress everyone in the exact same mood of what i feel like wearing! however, that’s not very often any more – most my kids dress themselves every day. including miss four. and, quite often, we {the girls in our family} think, “dang. that’s a great outfit sela!” and we try to copy it the next day!

then, on the flip-side, when it’s actually time to coordinate for family photos…i’ll spend days trying to figure out what we will all wear! c’est la vie.

this little confetti-stand kept popping up around our house all morning. i laughed when i saw that someone stuck it in my pot filler. such is family life.

sela & i had lunch at zupas, we always eat out for lunch on her tumbling & dance class days – it’s our little one-one-one date. today, they had their regular chocolate covered strawberries also drizzled with green mint chocolate. we grabbed extras for after-school treats. very special – i usually make the kids have healthy{ier} snacks after school.

and that’s it. ♣

what do you do???


and, the lucky winner of my gatehouse giveaway is…

susan anhder!



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5 responses to “♣ happy st. patrick’s day ♣”

  1. Um, I want to wake up on st. pats at your house. Your kids totally scored!

    also thanks for the up-cycle shout-out! yours turned out way cute!

  2. thanks a ton Jane…can't wait to go shop at the Gatehouse…I really love that store for sure.
    I just adore your blog, your family is precious…hugs

  3. Good Ole' St. Patty's… I sort of ordered that jersey a little large for KJ. Hmm… maybe next time I should talk to the owner about sizing. 🙂 Sox wore and WON in green today. Love, love, love St. Patty's…

  4. So many cute, fun things. I love the St Pat's table. And yeah KJ for starting his football career!

  5. ok, i love the idea of "green crepes" were big fans of "Myla's crepes" {thats what we call them here in our house from the cookbook in mrs. whitakers class. haha}
    my kids usually don't eat anything if it has green in it, so we decided to go with "lucky charms" this year. haha

    i also just remembered your darling post one year with green converse. SO awesome, i may be doing that one next year!

    p.s. I love that Myla! can she please STOP growing up!

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