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everybody’s irish on st. patrick’s day – at least it seems like that in the USA. especially here in boston! did you know Boston held America’s first st. patrick’s day celebration in 1737, and the city is called the Irish capital of America?

if you decide to join in the fun, here are my ideas for green festivities!

on saturday morning {very early} we will dye our traditional crepes green + the kids love green milk! this year for our milk i found these adorable mason jar tumblers. i love how they look with our green stripy straws! and the kids will love using them long after st. patty’s day has come and gone.

then… did you see when danyelle blogged about these jars from anthrolpologie? i thought they were darling, but at the time i had everything i needed for valentine’s day. so, i was in anthropologie this past weekend & found green ones! so perfect for each of my girls this weekend – a little surprise to add to our breakfast table. there are so many fun ways to make these cute! for $10/jar you can’t go wrong.

you can find more ideas on my st. patty’s day pinterest board.
do you plan on participating? do you have any traditions or ideas to share? please do tell.

{all photos by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

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  1. I want to come to!! : ) You’ve inspired me to do something special for my boys this year. Thanks! and thanks for including Poppy and Pearl co!! Flattered to be here 😀

  2. Its so funny how everyone else in the world seems to celebrate st paddys more than the irish in ireland! none of the girls at my work are doing anything! i think its sad and we always try and do something fun and green for our national holiday. your little touches will make the day really special 🙂

    ps I fwd’d you the email again, I had sent it on monday, I hope you get it…

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