Do you feel motivated by a good quote? Do you talk to your kids, spouse, significant other or friends about mantras? Do you use mantras? I find deep inspiration in a quote I relate to. When I read something that inspires me or makes me view the world from a different perspective I also like to re-visit those words regularly.  My family is accustomed to me sending them daily quotes to think about or taping something up in our kitchen as a visual reminder to live life with kindness, authenticity, love, etc. So it came as no surprise to my family last week when I taped up a page FULL of mottos for this summer.

I shared our summer motto’s on Instagram and promised to make it available to all of you.


Today, I am sharing with you some personal political opinions because I think our nation lives in a state of fear and naivety when it comes to immigrants in the USA. More specifically, when it comes to immigrants from Mexico or Central American countries. I am referring to immigrants who are living in our communities currently trying to seek assistance or get citizenship and immigrants at the border or on their way as I type this and they are praying to arrive in the U.S. safely. (You can read updates here, here, here and here.)

First of all, like some of you my heart has been aching and my soul horrified to see children,


Seed beads tutorial

March 2, 2019

This past summer a friend of mine introduced me to seed bead bracelets and I have been obsessed since. (Thank you Lindsey Thomas!) There’s a few reasons I love making them. First, I can set up a small station at home or while we’re traveling and come and go throughout the day. It’s rare that I get a big chunk of time to do a project so fitting in a few minutes here and there works best with my schedule. You can make a bracelet in about 15 minutes. Who doesn’t love a project you can start and finish in time like that?! Second, the supplies are affordable. And third, there are endless options for creating.


Being real.

February 25, 2019

With my return to blogging, I want to do address a topic that I’ve observed and thought about in the time I haven’t been blogging…

I’ve noticed a plea for more “real” online. Would you agree? It seems like a fair amount of people want to see or read about more “real life” in posts everywhere – whether on blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – whatever your social media of choice is, and in real life, I read or hear a lot of “I like this person because they are so real.” or people should unfollow anyone who makes them feel like less, because social media is just a highlight reel. And I agree with those ideas to a certain point.


Cabo, Mexico 2018/19

February 12, 2019
We made our annual holiday pilgrimage to Cabo, Mexico this past December/January.
This trip remains one of our most special times of the year as a family. We are all together for two weeks of uninterrupted family time. It’s the best.
Plus, every year we have friends who join us and it makes it even more fun.

For those who are interested, we own timeshares at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and always stay there but you can book a room/house there without being owners.
Our timeshares are currently for sale if you are interested, let me know.

Our favorite restaurants include the Cocina y Cantina at the Hacienda.


Summer 2018

January 29, 2019
While making this video today I was smiling the entire time. We had such a great summer! And it’s so fun to relive all of it when editing the video. Cheers to warm weather & a good life.