cabo, mexico 2015

In December we embarked on our 15th annual trip to Mexico with the Blands. It was a little off from our normal routine as the Bland’s had an unexpected death in the family, Scotty & Mckenna left after two days to return home to the funeral and to be with extended family.

Due to this I didn’t take out my camera quite as much for photos and videos, but I filmed just enough to be reminded of what we love about this special place of ours – for one more year. And our Myla turned sixteen while we were there!

Press Play! xo.

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illustrated, watercolor, lil hipster valentines

illustrated watercolor valentine via seejaneblog shopWe had a new idea for Sela’s valentine’s this year – she modeled for me, and I took her picture then turned her into an illustration. I also did a little watercolor, then we scanned, and printed on yardstick to make them into cards. This was the funnest project. And now her cards are little Sela’s! We just added some of her favorite treats in red and pink, and a little leather tie. wha-la! If you happen to have a little hipster who would like these too – the download is available in the shop.

girl hipster style via seejaneblog
hipster valentine printable via seejaneblog shop
illustrated valentines via seejaneblog
TOTES HIP printable valentine via seejaneblog
Hipster valentines with labradoodle photobomber via seejaneblog
Totes HIP valentine with labradoodle photobomber via seejaneblog
Illustrated watercolor hipster valentines via seejaneblog
Totes hip hipster valentine via seejaneblog
Hipster valentine via seejaneblog shop
All photos by me, Jane Rhodes.

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mini bohemian snowwomen

mini snowmen wiht flower crowns - hippie snow squad via seejaneblogIn December I was taking a final and it was snowing outside. It had been snowing for days and I was DYING to be home playing with my kids instead of sitting in a classroom taking a test. And out of the blue I had this most random idea that this year when we made snowmen – we had to make mini snowmen with mini carrot noses. And, we would make mini flower crowns for them! It was the worst to sit in class and continue my test when all I could think about were cute mini bohemian snowwomen!!!   Read more…

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Holiday cards + annual family newsletter 2015

Let one of your kiddos draw the picture for your holiday cards via seejaneblogThis year I did something new – with Sela’s love of drawing I asked her to draw a festive picture for our annual holiday card. Then I scanned it and using artifact uprising and one of their everyday cards templates – I had cards made! I LOVE how it turned out, so cute and personal. Also, I begged Kiana to write our annual letter since I was in the midst of seven classes – she obliged and I think she did great too. A good family effort. Since this is being posted late – I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, surrounded with those you love. xo.   Read more…

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Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 from Jane Rhodes on Vimeo.

Christmas felt extra special this year. I caught myself all day long every day for weeks humming Christmas songs and walking with an extra upbeat momentum in my step. The whole month of December felt wonderful. Maybe because I was in my last semester of undergrad classes and couldn’t wait to be finished, or just because I felt extraordinarily blessed being surrounded by loved ones. Whatever ignited the feeling, it was good.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. -Hamilton Wright Mabie

Also, Sela played Michael Buble’s ‘jingle bells’ over and over in the car and at home for weeks so it had to be the song for this video.

Here’s hoping we can all keep the love and spirit of Christmas, all year long. xo.

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Thanksgiving : San Diego

San Diego November 2015 from Jane Rhodes on Vimeo.

In November we headed to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with our friends. We’ve been friends with these two for twenty-two years and the friendship overlaps two generations. It’s good for the soul to be submersed in that kind of laughter, and love for a few days.

Side note: I don’t believe I’ve ever chosen to listen to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus on my own – but when it was on the radio one day during our trip and the girls in the back seat were rocking out to it – it had to be the song for the video. Plus, these girls were raised in her generation of stardom, and who doesn’t love a little party in the U.S.A?

Press play!

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Sadie Hawkins – Hawaiian theme

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBack in October my girls both went to Sadie Hawkins. It was while I was on my trip to Italy but I heard all about the fun night via pictures and videos. The tradition here in Utah is that most school dances are held on Saturdays. There is a “day” date and an evening date. The day date usually includes a fun-outdoorsy activity, and maybe breakfast or lunch. Then the teens all go home for the afternoon to get ready for the evening.  Read more…

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Fall 2015

Hello friends! I hope 2016 is off to a great start for every one of you. Exciting news: I finished my undergrad degree last month and feel a burst of energy to move on – wooohoooo!!!! I’ve been greatly looking forward to reuniting myself with this space here, and a list of other projects. I’m currently playing catch-up with creating videos and compiling memories and to start I put together a few of my favorite Fall 2015 moments. Our fall was jam packed with goals, routine, changes, challenges, new experiences, events and it’s been fun to revisit the memories, if you’re interested, press play! xo.

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Ideas to ask someone to a dance – with farm animals

Ways to ask someone to a dance with Chickens via SeeJaneBlog.jpgHomecoming is this weekend at our local high school and Kiana was asked to the dance weeks ago… She came home late one night and discovered CHICKENS in our front yard! It was a riot!!! She had to chase down each one, and untie a little wire-wrapped letter from each of their legs. After she caught them all she found the letters – G U N N A R and discovered who had asked her. It was so fun. All of our kiddos loved it. Wellesley Baloo went crazy with the chickens in our yard.  Read more…

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the Rhodes summer 2015

I realize for a big portion of the world summer is not over. School hasn’t started yet, there are weeks of warm sunshine to still be enjoyed. But. For us, school has started and for many other reasons when summer vacation is over I feel a melancholy farewell to the season. But also this season of our life.

With this feeling I decided it was time to put all our summer memories in one video. This video is differwent than past videos because it’s capturing an entire season – and I did it in family home video style, not “here’s the highlight reel of one week!” With that said, I warn you ALL… It’s long. Twelve minutes long. Even when my family watched it and they are the people in the video they were all, wow, this video is long… ha! So, I suggest if you are a fan of multitasking and maybe you are sitting in a really dull class – put in an ear bud and watch. Otherwise, please realize you’ve been warned that twelve minutes of your life will be gone after watching.

I edited this with an entirely different approach. First of all, all the clips are longer – Myla had her wisdom teeth removed in June, and there’s an entire middle section (30 seconds) of when I was driving her home after surgery – she had a meltdown about wanting Korean food that we’ve been laughing about all summer and I wanted it in the video. There’s other moments like this too.

Also, Kiana has a plan to finish her senior year early – by December. She’s also making plans to get an apartment in January with girlfriends who all graduated this past Spring. Meaning: She is planning to move out in five months which has me feeling all sad and this summer meant more to me than normal with the fact our family dynamic will change in this next year. So – I had to make a video that captured everything I want to remember.

I couldn’t choose a happy, energetic song. So I went with piano music I am fond of by Chilly Gonzales – and the finished product turned out exactly as I feel. Nostaligc. Contentedly nostaligic.

There’s this fear that comes with motherhood – the fear of what we can’t control – and it can be paralyzing to the heart. I never thought I’d be a mom who would have a hard time with my kids growing up and moving on… But holy moly it’s hard. As deeply as I believe in being an individual, it’s hard to watch kids do just that – become individuals. It’s hard to encourage them and give them the freedom to do so.

I’m learning this fear will never go away, we just learn how to control it and how to keep it in it’s place.

For example, when I first heard Kiana wanted to move out in January my response was something to the effect of, hell no! she can’t move out in January. What is she thinking? she has to stay here till the day we pack her up and move her to college! and luckily Kiana didn’t hear that response. I believe I literally vented/closed my eyes/sent a few texts to my husband, spent a few hours thinking about it and when I finally heard the idea from Kiana my response was, Well, that’s a fun idea. Tell me more about it…

There is so much we can’t control in parenthood. But how we spend our days – our summers – how we make people feel – that we can control.

Just like our parents did.

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