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Minimalist Easter, wooden egg ideas via seejaneblogAre you feeling the itch for spring? Easter is one month from today! And to help get you in the mood – I gathered up a few of my favorite ideas from the past couple of years!

Last year we decorated wooden eggs, and this was my all time favorite egg decorating idea to date! I found mine online via snuggly monkey, but you can find them online in lots of places if you search, I also heard they are in the Target dollar section this year!
wooden eggs for easter via seejaneblog
modern wooden easter eggs via seejaneblogNot a fan of easter baskets? There are SO many reusable items you can use in place of baskets: cardboard boxes, paper bags, buckets, and more! be creative.
simple easter boxes in place of easter baskets via seejaneblogCheck out caravan shoppe for adorable spring printables!!! Last year I printed these for friends and delivered them with new little sets of markers. It’s always nice to have something on hand to keep little ones entertained.
Caravan shoppe printables for Easter via seejaneblog I also used the wooden eggs, and egg cartons last year as a classroom party craft. All of the kids loved it!
School class party ideas for Easter via seejaneblog
minimalist easter party ideas via seejaneblogPlan an easter egg decorating party! You will find an invite to get the party started in my shop, HERE.
Easter basket gift ideas via seejaneblog I also have a couple of fun printable placemats for Easter – look HERE to purchase the download printable and you’re all set to entertain little guests!
Polka Dot placemat printable via seejaneblogA couple of years ago when we were living in Boston I found HUGE lawn bags for leaves… I covered them in polka dot labels and set them up for the kids. This quickly turned into bumper-bags but it was so cute and fun.
Large lawn leaf bags repurposed for easter via seejaneblog
LARGE leaf bags decorated with polka dot stickers for Easter via seejaneblog
LARGE yard leaf clean-up bags used as Easter bags via seejaneblog Happy easter planning, friends! Do you have any unique ideas for this year??? xo.

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Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetA portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: Officially 17!!!

Myla: She made the high school softball team!!! I didn’t realize till tryouts that Utah state cut the freshmen softball teams from the state budget in years past, so there are only Varsity and J.V., this made Myla extra nervous but she made it! (thumbs DOWN for girl sports cuts.)

KJ: A fierce game of Blokus for this little trash talker… and watermelon juice shots!

Sela: Spends HOURS a day doing this stretch EVERYwhere we go!

Wellesley Baloo: She went to her first baseball game!

Photos by me, Jane Rhodes.

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Steam punk house via seejaneblog
Teen cook via seejaneblog

Tween with bb gun via seejaneblog
Early mornings watching cartoons via seejaneblog
Australian Labradoodle bell training via seejaneblog
A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: Has been searching online 24/7 for a prom dress. It’s not easy to find the right dress.

Myla: Passed her state foods test and gets to show off that accomplishment at school with this personalized apron!

KJ: This dude went temporarily missing on Wednesday after school this week. He had our nanny pretty worried when she couldn’t find him, his dad left work, I left school early, and we were ALL looking for him around our nieghborhood! He had told Tregan, our nanny, that he was going to ride his long board. So, she assumed that he was outside riding his long board around our house because we have a track around our house to do this. But he wasn’t there. LONG story short, he rode his long board to our local movie theaters and was sitting in the movie, “Spongebob.” Enjoying a medium sized popcorn and drink all by himself. Didn’t tell anyone he was going. He obviously needed a break from his family for a bit! (And this picture: I caught him shooting at his BB targets in the front yard. From the kitchen window.)

Sela: Morning cartoons.

Wellesley Baloo: The thing about bell training – she grasped this concept really fast. “I ring the bell – someone takes me outside.” She’s good at it. Only, she doesn’t understand the idea of ringing the bell to go POTTY outside. She just rings the bell ALL DAY LONG and wants us to take her outside!

Photos by me, Jane Rhodes

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BYU Museum of Art

BYU Museum of Art Plexus 29 installation via seejaneblogI’m currently taking an Ancient Non-Western Art History class – which more or less includes all of the ancient civilization art of the world outside of Europe. My professor suggested we visit a current art exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art called, “Loving Devotion” which turned out to be absolutely incredible. It illuminates the rich heritage and symbolism of Hindu worship in the lives of believers. I’m going to write a separate post about it.

Today, I’m sharing a few pictures of the other exhibits currently taking place – that I was allowed to take pictures of…

One, is the new “Plexus No. 29” string installation by Gabriel Dawe:

The two translucent structures filtering through the Museum’s skylight appear to be luminous rays of light refracted through a giant prism. Gabriel Dawe’s stunning Plexus no. 29 is a corporeal installation of colored filament meticulously threaded between the Museum’s mezzanine walls and oculus. The artist used a custom-made 15-foot tall “needle” to weave nearly 80 miles of thread in the creation of these site-specific architectural forms above. As each strand is individually passed through a series of hooks, a unified network–or plexus–is formed, which provides the inspiration for the title of the series.

BYU museum of art via seejaneblog
BYU museum of art Provo exhibit via seejaneblog Two, (above) This fresh contemporary art installation by artist Kim Schoenstadt features three-dimensional wall drawings inspired by the architecture and identity of Provo, Utah.
BYU Museum of Art rainbow strings exhibit via seejaneblog
BYU Museum of Art Plexus 29 via seejaneblog
BYU Museum of Art hanger installation via seejaneblog
BYU Museum of Art hanger installation in the lobby via seejaneblog
BYU Museum of Art Provo utah via seejaneblogAnd three, I couldn’t take pictures of – but it is the “Folding Paper: The infinite possibilities of origami” – Sela and I both loved it. Look for the dress and shoes if you go – we especially like those.

A reminder to all locals – the BYU Museum of Art is free to the public. I tend to forget the amazing collection of art we have locally and hope to visit more often in the future. The “Plexus 29″ installation is going to be up for the next two years – so you have plenty of time to see it!!!

Cheers to inspiring art!

Photography by me, Jane Rhodes

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