BYU Museum of Art

February 21, 2015

BYU Museum of Art Plexus 29 installation via seejaneblogI’m currently taking an Ancient Non-Western Art History class – which more or less includes all of the ancient civilization art of the world outside of Europe. My professor suggested we visit a current art exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art called, “Loving Devotion” which turned out to be absolutely incredible. It illuminates the rich heritage and symbolism of Hindu worship in the lives of believers. I’m going to write a separate post about it.

Today, I’m sharing a few pictures of the other exhibits currently taking place – that I was allowed to take pictures of…

One, is the new “Plexus No. 29” string installation by Gabriel Dawe:

The two translucent structures filtering through the Museum’s skylight appear to be luminous rays of light refracted through a giant prism.


rain room

June 29, 2013

when i was in nyc last week for alt summit, i had one thing i really really hoped to see (and experience) if i had any extra time – the rain room at the museum of modern art. what is the rain room? a field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected.

rain room at the moma nyc via seejaneblog

rain room at the moma nyc, dancers pose via seejaneblog

…it was wildly incredible.

have you visited the rain room? if you’d like to go, make sure you plan according for the time it takes to wait in queue, and go early — 7am early! having a moma membership is a good idea too –


boston children’s museum

September 15, 2011

while kiana was at girls camp & myla was in the philippines with big papi…  these two munchkins and i played-played-played.  i literally just stopped unpacking & simply enjoyed summer for a few days.  it was so nice.

first stop:  the boston chidren’s museum.

this museum sits right downtown on the boston harbor, and has so much to offer, we also chose year memberships so we can re-visit over and over again.

a few of the highlights:


museum of science

September 12, 2011

the museum of science sits right over the charles river in boston.

it’s hu-mongous, and filled with endless exhibits to entertain kids, and adults. we made our first visit in july, and purchased a family membership for the year. so, we will be returning many, many, many times.

lately i’ve been thinking about all the planning, and work that has gone in to our little “bahston” adventure…

and i am exhausted thinking about it! ::smiles::

no, really. i think about how my friend jennifer said recenlty, “nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.

we started planning this “adventure” at least 18 months ago –


LACMA & more…

July 21, 2010

miss twelve. miss twelve is a light in my life that i have always dreamed of…

she has me thoroughly convinced that she prefers hanging out with me over her friends. she has me thoroughly convinced that she highly values my opinions about what she should wear, what color she should buy when shopping for clothing etc, my opinion about how her hair looks, how she should style it, what tastes good…she truly values my opinions about all things. and, she has me convinced that my opinion out-numbers anyone else.

i may have mentioned this before, but miss twelve rarely if ever talks back.