dear readers, without a lot of notice, i am taking my blog private for a while…

think of it as a sabbatical. i’ve been easily overwhelmed these past few months, and just need to step away from blogging, facebook, twitter, etc. indefinitely. i want to more easily focus on my health, my family and their constantly changing needs, getting settled into our new home, my classes, more yoga, thoroughly enjoy the holidays, and rest as often as possible.

this should be easy to do without formerly shutting everything down – but it’s not for me… i want to always be doing it all, i crave doing it all, and while i have access to these networks i am not able to walk away from them on my own.



May 19, 2013

kiana sick

myla in the park

kj my bruins fan

sela at the park

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

kiana: has a stomach bug, and has been in bed or on the couch watching re-runs of gilmore girls.
myla: has been hooked to her iphone watching dance academy this week…
kj: four days home from school sick this past week – he had the stomach bug first, and he’s just starting to feel better.
sela: likes building little beds out of leaves for her miniature dolls.


glow in the dark birthday party via seejaneblog

Linx birthday party via seejaneblog

glow in the dark sports party with lights off via seejaneblog

glow in the dark party via seejaneblog

KJ's 10th birthday

glow in the dark party water bottle labels via seejaneblog

glow in the dark birthday party favors via seejaneblog

glow in the dark birthday party, free printable for party favor bags via seejaneblog

my son kj requests birthday parties that are true to his interests. when he was two he asked for a choo-choo party, he turned three surrounded by family and his passion for baseball had began, his fourth birthday party was one of my best-planned-parties ever and this is the only picture i have to share! (he loved the movie “cars”, husband built a homemade race track, the guests all made race cars out of potatoes,


graysmarsh farm

September 19, 2012

from seattle we took a ferry and headed up to Sequim where my sister lives.

our kiddos were fascinated by the ferry’s that you actually drive your car on, park, and cruise across the water.

our first morning in sequim {pronounced s-q-w-i-mmm} we headed out to graysmarsh farm to pick berries. picking berries was a big part of my childhood in the pacific northwest. however, we didn’t ever go to farms to pick berries. my dad would find good patches of wild blackberries, then i’d spend my weekend picking till my hands were stained purple. We would keep some for ourselves, and the extra berries i would sell to the local berry shed for about 25 cents a pound.


i am writing this as our family is en route from vegas to boston. husband let me have his first class seat and he is sitting with all four kiddos in coach – sigh. he is the best! so, with laptop out – i am switching from travel/vacation mode to serious-momma’s-got-a-lot to do mode! our kids will be out of school in a couple of weeks and i must finalize our summer plans.

today at boston mama’s i am discussing 8 summer activity ideas for kids – check it out here. {please share other ideas you have at Boston Mama’s – i’d love to hear your advice!} Are you ready for summer?


design {a} fort #5

May 25, 2012

design{a}fort is a series here at seejaneblog.
on most friday’s i feature YOU +  YOUR forts!

it all started here. if you would like to participate, read below*


before we head in to this three-day holiday weekend, i want to introduce you to my friend kristina from my love nest. she is so beautiful, with the most amazing eye for style. recently she posted a picture of this darling fort on instagram and instantly i was hoping she would let me share her creation here! lucky for all of you, she obliged!

check this out,