rain room

June 29, 2013

when i was in nyc last week for alt summit, i had one thing i really really hoped to see (and experience) if i had any extra time – the rain room at the museum of modern art. what is the rain room? a field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected.

rain room at the moma nyc via seejaneblog

rain room at the moma nyc, dancers pose via seejaneblog

…it was wildly incredible.

have you visited the rain room? if you’d like to go, make sure you plan according for the time it takes to wait in queue, and go early — 7am early! having a moma membership is a good idea too –



June 26, 2013

get a load of this place…

see jane blog at altNYC

it is the happy alt. sign that welcomed me to altNYC. i decided that if you could live inside a blog, the closest thing in reality that could offer such an experience, would be living inside the buildings which encompass martha stewart living omnimedia.

i didn’t know what to expect. but whatever it was, all of my expectations were blown out of the water, and it was better than i ever imagined.

i over-over-grammed {which means: i posted a bajillion pictures of this experience on instagram, considered a social-media-bad-manner by some standards} my three days in NYC, but there is one little moment i saved to share with you here…


exactly fourteen days ago kiana found out her utah dance studio was going to be in nyc that weekend with various families staying at various hotels like the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan. and the next day she was putting in her verbal request for a spontaneous family road trip, two days later.

after a few details were figured out, we woke up early on july 5th and our second road trip to manhattan was underway. a very happy fourteen year old included.

as soon as we pulled into the city, we stopped by tkts and chose six seats to see war horse. i hadn’t heard anything about the play –


happy friday!

July 6, 2012

so, another month has gone by in Gretchen’s happiness project. i’m finding myself not able to keep up with the many ideas being presented. back in january and february it was easier to focus on a half-dozen ideas. now i’m lost in a sea of goals! i think i’ve gone to bed at 3am for the past month. {fail}… i have not been serious about play {fail}… i’m picking fights with husband constantly {fail}… obtaining happiness with effort is tough, not to be too hard on myself, i do believe that i’ve been doing some things right. i’ve managed to finish a few big projects this year {yay!}, and i continue to make new friends {yay!},


nye in nyc. part 2

January 13, 2012

{part 1 here.}

more pictures from our nyc trip.

we spent Dec. 30th – January 1st in nyc. this was our first time to drive there from boston & we are totally hooked. from our front door to our hotel, it was 3 hours. + the most beautiful drive through connecticut. the best part of this trip: it was the first time for kj & sela to see the big apple! so, we did as many of the kid-friendly-must-see sights as possible in three days!

the only downer: husband rear-ended a guy five minutes after we pulled into the city. then, when we parked in little italy to have lunch at one of our favorite pizza stops,