May 9, 2013

this sunday is mother’s day and in honor of mother’s this week, bridget from tales of me and the husband {a local Massachusetts blogger}, is sharing guest posts from some mothers she admires including a few words–wisdom or otherwise–and a picture of them and their brood (or, however many they could wrangle for a semi-decent picture!)

i was sweetly touched to be included and you can read what i had to say here. i recommend reading the entire “mother’s day” posts because i’ve found them to be inspiring and uplifting.


and, a very happy mother’s day to every beautiful soul who has ever loved a momma,


mother’s day.

May 16, 2012

my mom came to town just before mother’s day, it’s been a full ten days of celebrating…

with age my mom has needed help up and down stairs lately – i love hearing my kids argue over, i’m holding grandma’s hand! no! i’m helping her! — the picture above was taken sunday on the way out the door for church. sela had been waiting and waiting on the porch to help grandma.

husband has been traveling, and wasn’t here on mother’s day. i think he overdoes himself when he misses holidays like this because he feels guilty for being away from home. this year was no different.


…a bowl of cherries!

May 10, 2012

hey friends. i am so thrilled to share one more idea for mother’s day, like my spoonful of sugar idea,
this one is also simple & sweet —

i have always been a fan of these latte bowls at anthropology – for only $2.50 or $5.00 a bowl you can fill one with cherries for mom! she gets a fruity treat + pretty bowl to keep.

if you can’t find cherries in season where you live {i found ours at whole foods}, i also filled a mini latte bowl with chocolate covered cherries {from trader joe’s}.


a spoonful of sugar.

May 7, 2012

my mom is coming from utah to visit tomorrow! this is her first time to visit us since we moved to boston, and the kids are already fighting over who gets to share their room with grandma. {i’m pretty sure she’ll choose to sleep alone in a guest room!}

with her visit, i am preparing for mother’s day this weekend. something put together or made at home is my favorite, so here’s one idea i’d like to share with you. it’s inexpensive + takes hardly any time at all to assemble.

last weekend i was walking through sur la table when i spotted all their wooden spoons. i became quickly obsessed with their bamboo spoons.


“Raise your hand if you have held a baby big or small. Raise your hand if you have ever given advice to someone younger than you. Raise your hand if you have worried about someone day and night. Raise your hand if you have cried for joy at someone else’s achievements. Raise your hand if you have cared, fed, bathed, and nurtured someone other than yourself. For all of us with our hands up, clap and shout because this day is for you! And I do include all the guys out there as well that take on both mom and dad roles. Today I celebrate everyone who has had a hand in inspiring the life of another. To achieve greatness,


my mom has lived with us for ten years. in our last home, we had a mother-in-law-apartment in the basement and she moved in with us there in 2001. then when we built our current home, we built grandma her own little cottage that you can see in the post below. {she really enjoys sitting in front of her cottage on warm afternoons.}

with our big move to boston coming up, my mom is going to return to salt lake city and live closer to family there.

so, this feels like the end of an era, we are going our separate ways after spending a decade together… our kids are accustomed to grandma just being a one minute walk away…