the Rhodes summer 2015

August 23, 2015

I realize for a big portion of the world summer is not over. School hasn’t started yet, there are weeks of warm sunshine to still be enjoyed. But. For us, school has started and for many other reasons when summer vacation is over I feel a melancholy farewell to the season. But also this season of our life.

With this feeling I decided it was time to put all our summer memories in one video. This video is differwent than past videos because it’s capturing an entire season – and I did it in family home video style, not “here’s the highlight reel of one week!” With that said, I warn you ALL…


Land’s Sake

June 22, 2012

we went strawberry picking last week with friends. the pickings were very very slim, but we still had a great time outdoors. the best part: we discovered land’s sake! a farm in the suburb right next to us. It’s only about 10 minutes away with a charming veggie stand, and all kinds of cool workshops and events.

once a month they host a supper club: a monthly series of gourmet dinners expertly prepared by a local chef featuring fresh produce from Land’s Sake Farm and other nearby farms. Each monthly three-course dinner at the Barn highlights a seasonal theme served family style to 40 guests in an historic tavern. how fun is that?!?


summer barbecue.

June 14, 2012

my kids are finished with school for this year, woo*hoo! while we are putting the final tweaks on our summer plans – i am hoping to enjoy as many barbecues as possible – i love grilling for dinner. I know some people who have never had a barbecue before! I didn’t even think that was possible, especially during the summer, but I guess it is. I’m trying to persuade them to consider getting a barbecue, as they are definitely missing out. Plus, having family and friends over when you’re having a barbecue party is probably one of the best things ever! Here are a few visual ideas for your barbecues this summer. i have had an obsession lately with recycling aluminum cans for projects.


*new to me*

February 13, 2012

swimwear means summer, sunshine, warm weather – and all of these combined mean lots of happy moments.

as promised, here are my favorite-ladies *new to me* suits for this season… i love every detail this year, the stripes, the bows, the colors, you’ll see the perfect mix of vintage inspiration with up-to-date trends.

i chose a few one-pieces, and my favorite combinations of two-pieces. i think two-pieces should not match, so i put in the time to pair up my recommendations for you. i’m kinda dying over what i came up with, i want them all.

go get click happy and plan some glorious moments in the sunshine!  


*new to me*

February 6, 2012

today i want to talk swimwear because frankly, i have a serious fettish with swimwear. i believe it’s because i adore sunshine. swimming pools. and the beach. these are at the top of our list for happy places, right after red sox games.

did you know january till march is the best time to buy a swimsuit? i’m not kidding. the best suits come out when it’s still winter. you can find a good suit all the other months of the year, but the best designs are available – now. and, this year – i am seeing lots of stripes, bows, and ruffles. dear see jane blog readers, what is better than that?

here’s a round-up of *new to me* suits that are my favorites for the little people in your life.



July 3, 2011

oh man, these kids were hard to say good-bye to… in fact, i may have given them more farewell hugs than even kiana did. for years, these girls & guys have hung out at our house – quite often i sit only a room away laughing almost as hard as they do at how crazy funny they are. for the past few summers, i’ve had them running through my kitchen on summer nights during night games – they play with all of our younger kids just like they were their own siblings… in fact, you can see myla on the front row snuggled up with one of our favorites – cayman. and, without a second thought i love each of these kids as if they are my own.