a birthday party, for myla.

December 29, 2012

we had a little party for my myla, just her closest friends and family. myla is something special – she is not fond of too much attention, or anyone causing a fuss over her… she never asks for gifts at christmas or her birthday. which makes celebrating her all the more fun, because she’s so easy to please!

this girl is a creative soul who likes simple traditions. so i mixed a few of our family traditions with a few extra artsy details to plan her party.

to start, i hired a local caricature artist, mike horvath to draw portraits at her party. this was a lot of fun. the kids all loved it!


confetti invitations

April 25, 2011

jordan ferney has completely blown my mind again with her creativity! this time, it was with her confetti invitations. i used this tutorial, and created these for kj’s upcoming birthday party…

we have been planning the party with the colors navy blue & turquoise, and stripes, and chevron-designs! kj was so excited to deliver these invites, he couldn’t wait for his friends to twist them open for the little tubes to shoot out the surprise invitation!

i started with these party poppers that jordan recommended-

they were so easy to take apart. we {meaning: kj happily helped,


balloon invitations.

February 23, 2011

some big plans are underway for my oldest daughter this weekend.
she is going from twelve —-to—-thirteen!

we are going to have a teenager!!!

very soon.

using inspiration from ‘On Hand + Modern’ here,
i put together these balloon invitations with kiana’s assistance,
and she delivered them last week.

i designed a business-card size invitation, and had them printed on the pearl paper i am obsessed with. we are planning her party with a color theme…

the colors are: gold, silver {grey}, cream, and peach. and bows. and stripes.