the new “flowrider” is at the lindon city pool.

we went there with good friends a couple days ago,
and the “flowrider” indoor surfing system is now outdoors…
and it’s the summer hotspot!

such a cute swimming pool, it really had something that each of my kids loved.
the flowrider-
becky & sela-
shannon with all the little kiddies – snack time!
these three together are so stinkin’ funny, they just sit and play ring-around-the-rosie, jump off the sides, they love everyone to watch while they go underwater…


sela with livi and hayes at the end of the day…


spring break day 2

April 13, 2008

Ogden, Utah
Myla was my very own personal alarm clock this morning. She woke up at “3:58” to make sure when I woke up at 4:00am, I didn’t get ready and leave without her. The original plan was for her to stay home and go to her outdoor soccer game and hitch a ride to Ogden later in the day with Danny. But, remembering, that Kiana and I went indoor surfing in Ogden without her last time, she was adamant that I was not leaving without her and she was NOT going to stay home for her game.

Kiana/Jr. Company competed this morning at the “L.A. Dance” Competition. They have 5 team dances now, and I have not shown the new one “Christian’s dance”


dancing & surfing

February 10, 2008

This weekend was the “Odyssey Dance Competition” for Kiana, we were lucky enough to have a girls weekend in Ogden, Utah. She did 2 solos on Friday, and she did GREAT! She received a Platinum for VEINS and a HIGH-GOLD for AMAZING MAYZIE. To those of you not in the dance world, I realize that means nothing. I couldn’t get my camera to focus on her first solo – no idea why. But, I did get AMAZYING MAYZIE which is her jazz solo from last year that she’s still competing with. This is it ~

We had a break Friday evening and went to see – We thought it was good,