Selabration number eight!

October 2, 2014

flamingo birthday party via seejaneblog

flamingo party in the courtyard via seejaneblog

Our baby girl turns EIGHT today. It has been the fastest eight years of my life. Sela thinks she has waited f-o-r-e-v-e-r to be eight. Like: we started talking about this flamingo party last SPRING. She was already putting in her request for another doll party. And deep inside as much as I love observing her love of all things doll – I did not feel like planning another doll party. So, as we continued to discuss ideas I tried to think of the most pink-girly-things that would intrigue her… sans barbies, etc. – when the flamingo idea came to mind! At this time, I hadn’t seen anything new or trendy with flamingos.


laguna beach, california

September 22, 2014

This past July our family took a road trip to one of our favorite places on earth – Laguna Beach, California. My husband has family there, and each time we visit we dream of living there one day. If our future plans go as we hope they will – we’d like to move there in about four years – after Kiana and Myla have graduated from high school in Utah. Until then, I’ll just keep watching this video and dream of the day to come!

This is the first video I have ever created, so be easy on me. It’s a new hobby still in it’s early stages. But I’m so obsessed! I want to make videos all the time!!!


horses with hobbies costumes via seejaneblog

horses with hobbies no masks via seejaneblog

do you remember when i said our halloween costumes were really easy and teenager-friendly this year?!? well… do you agree? i have had a quirky obsession with these horse head masks for a long time now – but couldn’t justify buying them just for fun… so, halloween was the perfect reason to splurge! {on something so ridiculous!}

my kids each had their own ideas for what they wanted to dress up as this year, and as i started thinking about the little barbie that wanted to trick or treat in her barbie car, and two skate-boarders that want to go trick or treating on their long boards,


doll birthday party via seejaneblog

our baby girl turns seven officially, in two days. october 2nd. and, my heart is honestly hurting. this past year she really grew-up – i watched it happen. she made the transition from little girl to big girl, she lost so many of her baby teeth, and her big teeth just keep coming in, and she is taller – looks older – acts older. sela is truly something special. she holds our hearts so close to hers – she loves with such pure, gentle, kind, genuine unselfishness. she is so aware of those around her and so incredibly thoughtful. because of this sweet soul, any celebrations held in her honor are infused with an endless appreciation and excitement for what we do for her –


cross country Rhodes trip

August 3, 2013

cross country rhodes trip one

1: little miss six likes to travel like her momma… she takes everything but the kitchen sink!
2: holy holy holy, upstate new york is beautiful! (visiting the LDS church history sites in palmyra, new york.)

cross country rhodes trip two

cross country rhodes trip three

3: the kids loved taking turns driving with danny in the u-haul truck.

4: something about all that water and all its power makes me feel uneasy… small. weak. it’s amazing, but i’m terrified of being near it. same feeling happens to me on big bridges and in the ocean.

cross country rhodes trip four

5: we dined here.


…and just like that…

June 29, 2013

our boston adventure is coming to an end.

two years went by so quickly.
we had no idea how long we would stay,
no idea where we would live,
who we would meet,
and what we would explore while we were here.

but, we knew we would go to fenway. and this past tuesday, we took kj and myla to what was our last sox game, while we lived here… this time. becuase, y’know… we will be back to visit, and go to more sox games. and maybe, just maybe one day we’ll come back to live in bean town again.

fenway park via seejaneblog

inside fenway via seejaneblog

fenway team store via seejaneblog

to end on a high note,



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