May 5, 2013

i am on my way home from an epic girls trip. husband surprised me about two weeks ago – he shared the news that he’d been planning a trip to maui with six of my girlfriends. the main purpose of the trip was to give me some relaxation after one of my craziest years so far plus celebrate that i am almost-cancer-free. many of you possibly followed along via instagram, and you will see a few of those pictures again in this post. the pictures speak for themselves – we enjoyed everything that maui has to offer, adventure was our theme. my friend jenn has a home in maui and she was our tour guide, and host. we all agree,


tennis camp

July 18, 2012

with little words and mostly photos, eight days in *southern california:

our typical day went like this: wake up, get ready, go to breakfast, drop myla off at tennis camp, watch her for a while, i would go to bikram yoga or go running, shower, get ready, rest, read, time on my computer, pick up myla. but im glad she is enjoying herself. shes already asked for a racquet for when we get home so i will have to start looking on sites like RadR to find the best one for her. its great to see her so passionate.



my friend suez, a.k.a. spicy, planned a going-away-sleepover-party for me with some of our dear girlfriends, this past tuesday. we stayed here for the evening, had a delicious dinner here, went to see this, and stopped by here for a final sugar high…

well, it was our final sugar high

till we finished off two boxes of chocolate covered cinnamon bears somewhere around 2am. and some cake bites.

the entire evening completely blew my mind, my sleep schedule, and my waistband!


Bahama Mama’s

January 15, 2008

Pure bliss. Daphne and I relaxed (an abundance of sleep), soaked up the sun (minor sunburns), worked out (2 a days on some), visited the spa (maybe indulged more than we should have), read (finished 2+ novels each), enjoyed live music (bahamian style), ate delicious food (especially the seafood). We have definitely started something that could be a yearly tradition!

This is Grand Bahama Island a.k.a. Freeport City as we were flying in. It is the closest island to Florida in the Bahamas, only 55 miles off the coast.
We found a little corner of the resort that was ours each day, between the infinity pool and beach, our little solitude.