fresh flora gift toppers

March 2, 2015

flora gift wrap via seejaneblog
I am obsessed with this trend in gift wrapping! I love fresh flowers, fresh greenery, and I love brown paper packages. Combining the two? Dreamy.

What do you think?
simple flora gift wrap via seejaneblog
flora gift wrap with kraft paper via seejaneblog
fresh greenery gift wrap via seejaneblog
Photos by me, Jane Rhodes


festive packaging

November 11, 2014

packaging with antler, disclaimer- no reindeer were hurt in the wrapping of this gift, via seejaneblog

antlers and gift wrap via seejaneblog

artificial succulents as gift toppers via seejaneblog

birch sticks as gift topper via seejaneblog

christmas packaging via seejaneblog

::Thank you:: to EVERYONE who came to my gift wrapping class last week at Gatehouse No.1!!! It was wonderful to have such a big crowd, and so many beautiful, smiling faces when I was sharing ideas for this season.

A quick re-cap: I like to use part of the gift as the topper on the package. It’s like gift-anticipation-overload! A couple of ideas: antlers are a hot item in home decor right now – choose a nice coffee table book for someone, and then tie the antler on top of the package –


minimalist style gift packaging

simple gift wrapping via seejaneblog

simple gift toppers via seejaneblog

festive gift toppers via seejaneblog

festive style via seejaneblog

Locals! Tomorrow: Friday, November 7th – I will be co-teaching a class at Gatehouse No.1 in Orem, Utah at NOON. I will be sharing my favorite gift toppers for this season and some simple, beautiful ways to wrap gifts! Lizy Bowden of Lizy’s Lilies will be teaching how to make a garland and wreath for the festive season ahead!

If you follow me on instagram then be sure to enter the giveaway I have posted! TEN winners during the class will receive some of my favorite choices for ribbons and more!


forty in a box.

June 19, 2012

my dear friend susan, aka spicy turned forty last week. she is one of my most loyal, loving friends. and, my life is blessed beyond measure to have her in it. so… it was a sad day to not be with her to celebrate her big day. to make up for my absence, i sent a special package her way. You are my fave blog is featuring this special box today. it was one of the funnest projects/gifts i have ever planned, and wrapped. six hours of wrapping, to be exact. {in case you were wondering. all done somewhere between 10pm and 4am} and that darling colored paper? you can find out where it is from,


easter bags.

April 9, 2012

a little late in the day, but happy monday m’friends! i am still living in weekend-mode around here. quickly, before the day passes i wanted to share an easy way to gift wrap by using brown paper shopping bags —

the easter bunny left these filled with surprises for our kiddos at the end of their egg hunt. color-coded of course!

  • they were created by folding the top down, using a martha stewart 1″ hole punch – stepping on the punch with your foot helps to make it through all those layers of paper! + ribbon!

when the kiddos found these kiana exclaimed, oh look! the easter bunny shops at Roche Bros.


♥ + chalkboard oilcloth

February 29, 2012

kiana’s birthday was yesterday. she’s 14.  i can’t wait till she’s sixteen, because we really need another driver in our family.  i feel like kiana has always been years ahead of her age, so she should be twenty.  yet, the idea that i only get her at home for four more years just breaks my heart. so, i’m happy to accept fourteen and the fact that it looks really good on her.

to celebrate, i planned a simple family breakfast. i realized as i downloaded the pictures i was obviously obsessed with the decor because i didn’t take any pictures of the food or our family, minus two pictures of kiana. for breakfast we had whole wheat crepes,