Valter’s Osteria

February 21, 2015

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Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

Have you tried Valter’s Osteria in Salt Lake City? There is nothing like it. For two days I’ve been trying to think if there is any restaurant in the world that I like better than Valter’s and I can’t think of any… The food is unreal. And the host is truly something special. If you go – you can’t go wrong with ANY of the food. However, I really recommend the lemon gelato for dessert that comes drizzled in honey and sprinkled with sea salt. There are no words for it, it’s indescribable. And the pasta – oh don’t start me on the pasta!

We reconnected with friends at Valter’s this weekend,


doll birthday party via seejaneblog

our baby girl turns seven officially, in two days. october 2nd. and, my heart is honestly hurting. this past year she really grew-up – i watched it happen. she made the transition from little girl to big girl, she lost so many of her baby teeth, and her big teeth just keep coming in, and she is taller – looks older – acts older. sela is truly something special. she holds our hearts so close to hers – she loves with such pure, gentle, kind, genuine unselfishness. she is so aware of those around her and so incredibly thoughtful. because of this sweet soul, any celebrations held in her honor are infused with an endless appreciation and excitement for what we do for her –


gatehouseno1 open house via seejaneblog

you guys know i have a soft spot for events. and creating. so, when stephanie {the owner of gatehouse no. 1 in orem, utah} asked me to be a part of her open house i was thrilled! plus, i was able to teach a fall decorating class and plan a make & take with one of my all-time favorite ladies – courtney snowden! double thrill!

if you came to the open house, thank you so very very very much – it was such a fun evening packed with festive cheer. gatehouse no. 1 is a really impressive home furnishings store, and if you are coming to utah,



May 5, 2013

i am on my way home from an epic girls trip. husband surprised me about two weeks ago – he shared the news that he’d been planning a trip to maui with six of my girlfriends. the main purpose of the trip was to give me some relaxation after one of my craziest years so far plus celebrate that i am almost-cancer-free. many of you possibly followed along via instagram, and you will see a few of those pictures again in this post. the pictures speak for themselves – we enjoyed everything that maui has to offer, adventure was our theme. my friend jenn has a home in maui and she was our tour guide, and host. we all agree,


a winters day at the beach…

February 25, 2013

as much as i love routine and traditions, i also love doing really random things that are brand new.

for example, going to the beach for a picnic in february…

a day at the beach in the winter via seejaneblog

winter picnic on the east coast via seejaneblog

playing wiffle ball on the beach via seejaneblog

KJ pitching wiffle ball on the beach via seejaneblog

winter picnic on nantasket beach via seejaneblog

wellies at the beach via seejaneblog

winter picnic at nantasket beach via seejaneblog

beach combing in the winter via seejaneblog

wellies and beanies on the beach via seejaneblog

Nantasket beach ma in february via seejaneblog

as i mentioned in my last post, my kiddos had a week long vacation. we spent our time playing with lots of friends, visiting museums, going to movies, and running around the beach in our wellies.


cabo san lucas, part IV

December 26, 2012

{this is the last post for cabo san lucas…}

poolside in cabo

our last day{s} is always a little sad in cabo. we all mentally prepare to go home. do you do that on vacation? the last day or two, do your thoughts return to what-needs-to-be-done-at-home-or-work mode and you start to abandon the carefree spirit of vacation? cabo is so special to us, that none of us want it to end…

for some reason, we usually stay one to three+ days longer than our friends who go with us… so, the day they leave is a total downer.

KJ cheered himself up with three vanilla milkshakes after his buddies left…

three vanilla milkshakes