happy friday!

October 12, 2012

a belated happy friday post for september and october!

this past january, when i started the happy friday post series, i had already read the happiness project. since January, for ten months now – when it is time to write this post – i quickly review the chapter for that month, and then begin writing the post to share my thoughts with you. what i like best about this process is that i am always reminded and/or re-inspired by what gretchen has to say – and instantly i am re-committed to many of my goals.

i think this is an important life lesson. we, ourselves, are responsible for keeping our minds focused on what we want to achieve.


how do you feel about the tradition of christmas cards? a lost art? you’ve never sent one? you always send one?

i’m having an inner battle with the expense and time involved. i adore christmas cards – i have a preparing/addressing/stamping party of one when i’m preparing ours.

but, this year, we have maybe received 40-50… and, i sent almost 300.

should i stop? is it not-green to be doing so?
{my envelopes & washi tape from here andhere, personalized stamper from here.}

regardless, i still enjoy the tradition.  and, if you are not on our mailing list –


digital portraits

April 28, 2011

while i’ve been working with alma, whom i adore…
i also met her amazingly-talented husband. what a dynamic design duo that they are!
she rocks illustrator, and he is a master of photoshop. {incredible!}

do you know this pair? have you taken their online classes?

one skill mike offers the public are his digital portraits, and once i saw his work, i was in love.
check out his online gallery here.

each of these pieces can be printed up to 16″x20″


i promised here to tell you more. and it’s really this simple…. justin hackworth is a happy, talented photographer with an impressive 30 strangers project.

justin explains the project in these words,

“It works like this. In the month of April, I photograph a different mother and daughter (sometimes a grandmother, too) every single day. 30 portraits in 30 days. The people that come to be photographed are strangers to me. People I’ve never met before. Instead of paying me a portrait session fee, they make a donation to the Center for Women and Children in Crisis. Participants are selected at random from comments left on the blog post regarding the project.”