the red sox are celebrating fenway park’s 100th birthday this year. on april 20th we attended the game that was the official party. anyone who has ever played for the sox were invited to return + there was a patriotic-tear-dripping-jets-flying-overhead ceremony for the hour before the game started. it was beautiful. the sox were playing the nyy, and both teams wore vintage uniforms. it was very cool. a day in baseball history to remember. husband and i went with miss fourteen + danny.

before the game started, everyone was given sparkling apple cider to toast to another 100 years at fenway. cheers to our beloved team! there really is something magical about baseball games at fenway.


soldier hollow tubing hill

December 30, 2009

we, and seventy of our friends spent the afternoon of myla’s birthday tubing! i feared we would all freeze to death, but even with fresh snow falling, it was not too cold. once we started tubing and pulling kids on tubes, we all kept warm! including the little kiddo’s, sela was a trooper and lasted the full two hours, never once complaining!

this is definitely the way to go tubing, the luxury of a tow-rope!

{click on group photo to see larger}

after tubing,


{with the howell boys!}

it’s tradition now to make gingerbread houses for
our family christmas party,

messy, sugary gingerbread fun!

this year our new addition was the princess castle for our two li’l princesses,

i found them at our local toys r us, but you can check them out online here.


trimming the tree

November 28, 2009
{not our bellies!}

you heard it here first!
there’s a new IN-N-OUT burger approximately one mile from our home.
who would have ever thought that orem, utah would receive such a honor!?!
this is good, and not good.


dusty & danny were such great sports to make special runs to walmart for extra-needed white xmas lights…first they spent about 1 hour getting half the lights on the tree just perfect, then ran out of lights again and made a SECOND trip to wal-mart!

notice their outfits: do you think they coordinated this? xmas-colored gym clothes, with santa hats! they actually went to walmart looking like this!