Tis the season for Elf on the Shelf! Our elves Mr. Bean & Ruby had twins a couple of years ago. This year when they returned they had a note that said parenting makes them lazy and stated that they would only be moving every Friday. (win-win!) This past Friday they moved and had a PRIDE FESTIVAL!!! What a perfect time of year to be celebrating PRIDE!

If you’d like the two printables for this idea they are available in my shop! Each printable is $5.00, I realize this is more than the standard $1.00 I charge but it’s for a good cause! If you purchase either one of the pride festival printables (or both!) the money will all be donated to Encircle,


Let one of your kiddos draw the picture for your holiday cards via seejaneblogThis year I did something new – with Sela’s love of drawing I asked her to draw a festive picture for our annual holiday card. Then I scanned it and using artifact uprising and one of their everyday cards templates – I had cards made! I LOVE how it turned out, so cute and personal. Also, I begged Kiana to write our annual letter since I was in the midst of seven classes – she obliged and I think she did great too. A good family effort. Since this is being posted late – I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, surrounded with those you love. xo.  


Christmas 2015

January 26, 2016

Christmas 2015 from Jane Rhodes on Vimeo.

Christmas felt extra special this year. I caught myself all day long every day for weeks humming Christmas songs and walking with an extra upbeat momentum in my step. The whole month of December felt wonderful. Maybe because I was in my last semester of undergrad classes and couldn’t wait to be finished, or just because I felt extraordinarily blessed being surrounded by loved ones. Whatever ignited the feeling, it was good.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. -Hamilton Wright Mabie

Also, Sela played Michael Buble’s ‘jingle bells’


elf on the shelf report card printable via seejaneblog

Need to give your kiddos a message that they are behaving really well or being a little stinker? Here’s your chance! Print these Elf on the shelf report cards via my shop, HERE, and check off whichever boxes apply to your kiddos!

Have your teenagers been driving too fast? kissing too many boys or girls? Have your little ones been wetting the bed a little too often? Or, do you have a perfect angel??? It’s all on there!


sycamore press street personalized custom stamp via seejaneblog

Holidays 2014

Season’s greetings! It’s me, Myla. My mom begged and pleaded and bribed me to write the Christmas newsletter this year. Evidently, she doesn’t have the time to do this task, but a fourteen year old with A.P. classes, hobbies, and an impressive social life does. FYI that was laced with sarcasm since my dad is most proud of us when we are sarcastic. I will attempt to give you an accurate run-down on our life this past year… from my perspective.

family picture by a wood pile via seejaneblog

parents pic via seejaneblog

Dad: “Dad. Walk it off. Quit whining. Just massage it.” Are currently popular phrases in our house, applying the same sensitive approach our Dad has used on us growing up –


cardboard brownstone houses with lights via seejaneblog

Mr. Bean returned today! He was greeted with squeals of excitement – and this year he brought with him his own cardboard brownstones Mer Mag style housing!!! He has good taste.

This year, Mr. Bean arrived with a note that said the kids could touch him! He requested to be put to bed each night on a sofa in one of the brownstones, and stated that he would move each day to a new location, but it was safe to always move him back to his housing. On the days he doesn’t move – that means the kids have been naughty!

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style - inside the box via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style rooftops via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style party room interiors via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style via seejaneblog interiors

Playful by Merrilee Liddiard via seejaneblog

Playful book by Merrilee Liddiard duct tape cardboard brownstones via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style housing via seejaneblog

Playful by Merrilee Liddiard launch party via seejaneblog

In september we partied it up and celebrated the launch of the immensely talented Merrilee Liddiard’s brand new children’s craft book Playful.