friends, i have a real valentines date tomorrow night. {!!!!!!!!!} i don’t think my husband has been in town for valentines day in over a decade. and technically, he won’t be here this year either, he goes out of town early that morning. but. we have a real date scheduled for valentines eve… at a swanky restaurant, with friends! and i plan on wearing heels. this is big time. do you have plans?

the season of love is in full swing around our home. check it out:

antlers with heart garland via seejaneblog

valentines day around the house via seejaneblog

DIY yarn wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

heart doily garland via seejaneblog

valentines chalkboard with pom pom garland via seejaneblog

valentines day antlers via seejaneblog

spread the love peeps!


as my pom pom obsession continues {i currently keep my baskets of yarn right next to the fireplace for creating where it’s warm!}, i have kept the trend going by making neutral pom pom garlands to mix with my holiday decor this season. i shared a garland with you earlier this year, but if you are interested in learning how to make one of your own – you can find the DIY tutorial right here on design mom today.

after you check out the tutorial — follow @see_jane on instagram, re-post the pom-pom image found there today, hash tag #seejanepompom, and leave a comment below for a chance to win one of TWO of the garlands!


so far, since moving to boston everyone has had some sort of mini bedroom makeover. whether that included fresh paint, or paint + a little bit more… i wanted to create a comfy new bedroom for each kiddo. now that kiana has her own space, here is a peek at what we did. i’m totally pleased with how inexpensive this was and how it turned out. And if you wanted to save even more money my friend recommends that you get a new energy quote with Simply Switch.

the bedroom is quite small, plus has a king size bed taking up most of the space! it took me so long to find her the right mattress,


happy weekend!

June 3, 2011

it’s getting closer, so i created an entire display on our chalkboard wall to start the countdown!

miss thirteen and i will be going to nyc at the end of the month,
then about a week later… husband + our other three kiddo’s + their auntie will be driving our stuff across the country to boston.
thank goodness for an auntie who loves to drive!

miss thirteen and i will take a train after her dance nationals are finished in nyc and meet the rest of our family in b-town.

so. did you read that correctly? my husband is going to be driving our kids across the country + a large truck + a trailer + our two vehicles…


♥ a teen-y party ♥

March 2, 2011

ohhh, where to begin…

let me start a few months back. i had explained to kiana for months previous to her birthday, that we were simplifying everything this year – meaning: honey, you’re old enough that we can downsize with your birthday party. and, being the mature young woman that she is, she was totally content with that. she didn’t expect anything.

then, about a month ago, i told her:
ok, we will plan a fun afternoon with some of your besties. and that’s it.

and, she was ecstatic. couldn’t wait!

we made these invitations, she delivered them to eight friends &


love is in the air…

February 6, 2011

i don’t go crazy with decorations for valentine’s day,
almost nothing compared to christmas.
but i like to have a few accents here and there,
to keep things festive with my kiddos.

after all, we are celebrating our love.

my pot rack in the kitchen and my chalkboard wall have become my favorite spots to decorate this past year ~

{…take some baker’s twine & heart doilies, and you can create a very inexpensive garland.}

i am proud of myself for keeping things simple, this valentine’s day.
trying really hard to keep with my resolutions.