nuvo dance nationals

July 15, 2009

kiana and i just returned home…
after having a great time in beverly hills.

kiana spent seven of the days dancing for nuvo dance nationals-
workshop classes.

we arrived one day early and stayed one day extra to have some time to play. on our first evening there, we headed to the movie theaters to see…

the proposal –

we loved it. so funny. so cute.

on our second day, we took a hollywood tour! it turned out to be so awesome because the tour takes 2-12 people per little black van,


“Dae Han Min Guk!”

March 26, 2009

since I went back to school, I also go back to spring break!

most of my spring break I was chanting,

“Dae Han Min Guk!” {Korea} bum-bum, bum-bum-bum!

or, “U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A!”

Dusty planned my spring break this past weekend for four full days of baseball games, movies, delicious food, and shopping…in Los Angeles.

We went to the world baseball classic. This was the/our 2nd world baseball classic, we also attended the first one three years ago in California. It’s a new-er tradition for us.

{all pictures compliments of Jared, I didn’t take my camera!}
maybe i love sitting at a baseball game…


was indeed happy!

However, we did get started on the wrong foot. Evidently, we managed to get the one taxi driver in L.A. who did not know how to get to our hotel. Instead of a 40 minute ride, it took two hours! geesh!

Other than the long taxi ride, we had incredible weather, it was beautiful in the high 70’s or low 80’s each day we were there and considering we were there over a 3-day weekend the place was not busy at all! Seriously awesome.

For Disneyland and California Adventure our favorite place to stay is at the California Grand Hotel. The day we arrived we kept it low-key and didn’t go to the parks right off the bat.