dear readers,

December 2, 2010

do you all remember little bronson and what an amazing miracle he is?

reflecting on this year, he is definitely at the top of my lists in more items i have to be grateful for. this morning, sara, matt, and little b were on the today show, to give an update on how he’s doing… if you missed the show live, you can watch the interview, here.

i thought it was an awesome interview. they all looked beautiful, little b was as charming as ever. i know they had very little sleep and were up very early for the show. sara’s interview skills match her writing talent,


is a local festival that coincides with the fourth of july, every year.

the festival honors four values…


i love the HUGE celebration for america.
the activities included in the festival are phenomenal.

there are traditions that melt my soul, every year.
my american heart beats and my eyes tear when the

three f-16’s fly over utah county for the stadium of fire.
i stand amazed when my body truly trembles from their power,
to me, it represents so much, so much bigger than me.

i love waking up and seeing the hot air balloon festival right above us.


b strong…

April 1, 2010

our family {minus kiana – she was dancing} ran our first race together,

for a great cause.

it was so fun & i am so proud of kj and myla!

kj had his heart set on not running.

then just a moment before the race started, i grabbed him, stuck him with his buddy tegan and his dad troy…and said, “you’re running buddy! go! go! go!”

the kids’ fun run had just started and he took off with full gusto…

afterwards, kj said it was pretty hard {rumor is that the one mile fun run was actually a 1.5 mile fun run,


welcome home!

February 12, 2010
my life will forever be changed, for the better,
because of this little guy.

in fact, i believe thousands of lives were touched by his miracle.

guess what?

those of you who are suffering from my challenge

the sugar-fast is over!

i’m serious! {shannon, enjoy valentine’s day!}

it’s unbelievable…

little bronson came home today!
with a big welcoming!

{and – an intruder blanket!}

how beautiful is this picture?

there has always been love in this home,