buns and bows

May 31, 2012

my oldest daughter has had an interest in styling her own hair since she was a little tyke. when she was younger this saddened me a bit because i dreamed of having daughters so i could do their hair. yet, over the years i’ve grown to really appreciate her ambition because it really helps with time in our get-everyone-ready-routine. kiana also helps her sisters with their hair which is a huge blessing!

since miss fourteen is a dancer, and more specifically she has been a ballerina for the past year – i’ve really appreciated the fact that she doesn’t require my help since her hair needs to be in a bun six days a week for ballet school.


candlepin bowling.

February 2, 2012

we love trying new things around new england.
our latest adventure {last weekend} was candlepin bowling!

we were awful. it’s a lot harder than regular bowling.
and very different.  however, we had a lot of fun.
…we enjoyed trying to see how many “ball” jokes we could make.
husband some of us, may never grow up.

have you ever tried candlepin bowling?
even heard of it?

{it was developed in massachusetts!}

{photos by me.}


great *beau* valentine’s

January 24, 2012

i mentioned yesterday that sela wanted to give the girls and boys separate valentine’s this year…

for the boys, i wanted to come up with something that was very charming {not something to throw-out in the trash as soon as they were home!}, and original, but still masculine.  and, no treats – candy, etc. – are allowed.

with all these requirements, i finally thought about bow-ties & beaus!

i pulled out the extra fabric from these drawstring bags.  i did not want to get out my sewing machine and spend too much time per bow-tie. instead, i used hot-glue and created a very simple pattern that took only a few minutes start to finish per bow-tie.


diy: napkin bows

May 3, 2011

while perusing pinterest, i spotted this darling napkin bow. so, for easter dinner i tried them out! miss thirteen was my assistant, and after we figured out one, she made the rest for me! {i love having older kids who help!}



1. cut paper strips that are 8″ long, one-and-a-half inches wide. you can trim them shorter at the end, if you want a tighter center ring. fold the right side of the napkin in towards the center, leaving one inch of space.

2. continue by folding the left side in,