i have claimed utah as my home since i was thirteen. the same age as my oldest daughter, this very summer. i have lived in-and-out of utah for twenty-two years. i was born in alaska & “grew-up” in a small northwest town on the coast of washington state, but have spent most of my time in the shadows of what is known as the wasatch front.

so, without knowing how long i am bidding farewell to all that i love along the wasatch front, i made sure to take every possible chance to say farewell to those we love, before leaving…


summer’s birthday lunch – there have been four babies born to four besties at home since i’ve left…


water for elephants.

April 29, 2011

a few months ago, my book club read this.

then we planned a book club + spouses-were-invited date night…

we had dinner at a fave pizzeria & went to the movie!

the movie ~

…it wasn’t “the most spectacular show on earth!” but, it was good.

beware: the animal cruelty at times is rough on the eyes. i felt a bit like a little kid when i had to plug my ears and close my eyes… my heart is tender towards animals, so those scenes were tough to watch.


on thursday evening, i hosted a book club at my home. {i think we could also be dubbed, “eating club.” lol!} this past month we read, ‘the education of little tree‘ by forrest carter which was my book choice. the book itself offers a perspective of life as a cherokee indian boy {named – little tree} being raised by his grandparents during the depression. i tend to be drawn to books that offer any perspective i haven’t considered – be it cultural, a different time period, etc.

most everyone liked the book – we just need to do a little research now to find out which events/happenings are based on fact & what is fictional…


water for elephants.

February 9, 2011
while on our anniversary getaway,
i snuggled up with big down blankets, and a cup of tea to read:

a great story about life on a train circus during the depression.

a little love, a little risque with a little action {in a variety of ways}, a little culture peek into life at another time.

and, the movie is coming out the end of april… {see the trailer here}

my dear readers {as-in, readers who read my blog who also read books}:

what did you think of this book, have you read it???