November 30, 2014


Have you heard of hair painting??? Hair Painting is a hot trend that is here to stay and is a fantastic option to add lightness (or color) around the face or throughout the mid lengths and ends of the hair in a blended and natural way. The application technique allows for a soft diffusion of color drawing the eye down the hair shaft to the lighter focal point.

I’ve been getting highlights and lowlights in my hair over the past twenty years – and every time I go to my local salon and they ask, “What are we doing this time?” I look at my darling stylist and reply, “I don’t know… same old thing –


winterize your feet.

November 28, 2012

we ask a lot of our feet. we expect to be able to stand on them all day, cram them into tight shoes and boots, even run or walk for miles on them. we often don’t pay them any attention until something goes wrong — an achy arch, an ingrown nail, or something else… it’s time to give them a little break.

as i started to winterize my feet this year, i realized i’d never shared this idea on the blog. i’ve been doing this each winter for years now, and i look forward to the routine.

how it works:

at the end of summer, after the very last time i may possibly want my toe nails painted,


every once in a while i will be doing something in my typical beauty routine and think, does everyone do this? does everyone know this?  and then realize… it’s too good not to share!

i like painting my nails. for me, it’s relaxing. and it makes me feel a bit more polished! the trick is actually finding a little chunk of time to polish my nails and let them dry without the paint being embedded with sheet prints.

i go through moody trends when choosing what color i want on my nails – sometimes deep dark blues, purples, orangey reds, bright pinks but most often i crave the perfect pale pink. finding the perfect pink can be hard.


*new to me*

July 9, 2012

I really appreciate, and enjoy a good spa day, so when my niece {Heather Johnson} gave me a gift certificate for a 50-minute massage + a luxury pedicure at the spa club where she works – I was stoked! A mom has to relax when she’s out of town right?! I’ve also heard some good reviews about massage north austin but we’re yet to take a trip to Texas! Maybe someday…

The Spa club that is *new to me* has three locations in Salt Lake City. While I was in Utah, I stopped by the Jordan Landing location for both of my services. I loved how clean and new the spa was –


buns and bows

May 31, 2012

my oldest daughter has had an interest in styling her own hair since she was a little tyke. when she was younger this saddened me a bit because i dreamed of having daughters so i could do their hair. yet, over the years i’ve grown to really appreciate her ambition because it really helps with time in our get-everyone-ready-routine. kiana also helps her sisters with their hair which is a huge blessing!

since miss fourteen is a dancer, and more specifically she has been a ballerina for the past year – i’ve really appreciated the fact that she doesn’t require my help since her hair needs to be in a bun six days a week for ballet school.