*thank you…

June 12, 2011

to everyone who helped us with the yard sale! we had help carrying items from in the house to outside; pricing items; setting up the yard sale signs we got from somewhere like Super Cheap Signs; taking pictures; help with adding up people item’s and collecting the cash; help cleaning up; help carrying items to people trucks; and on and on and on!

*thank you to everyone who bought our stuff! we had two-days of complete chaos + complete success!

*thank you to our neighbors who were very very patient with the huge traffic jams in our neighborhood.

with everything said and done, we feel like we are one more big step closer to our move.


please take note!

THIS weekend:
Saturday, JUNE 11, 2011
we live in a gated community & the gates will open at 9am, so please don’t come early –
it’s causes a LOT of traffic congestion in our little area.

if you would like to come & need our address –
email me: jane{at}prolook{dot}com

sela~bella will be having a lemonade/macaron stand!
she’s pretty excited about this in all her four-year-old-glory.
we started designing her stand this weekend –

one more cardboard box project for us!

and, miss eleven and mr. eight have been on a duct-tape project{s} frenzy…


we are still going non-stop around here to prepare for our yard sale…
less is amore, so we are clearing things out!


i couldn’t resist making this cute cardboard cash register!
seriously, i could make things out of cardboard as a career!
big-time-obsession! {hey, my kids like it – gives them something to play with later!}

i was inspired here, on oh, hello friend blog. then, the same cash register popped up on pinterest. and, as i’ve said before – i love pinterest. best invention this year. have you joined yet?!? if you need an invite, let me know.