planting wheat berries

April 5, 2012

last year, i had a spring party to plant wheat grass. this year, i could not find wheat grass seeds anywhere in new england. so, i chose to plant wheat berries {almost the same thing – i also used them for this recipe} instead. the only difference: you must soak wheat berries to help them start to sprout. this is not necessary with wheat grass seeds. fyi: you should be able to find wheat berries and/or wheat grass seeds for about $1/pound at most whole food/natural grocery stores.

our kiddos look forward to this little planting tradition every year + i like using the wheat grass for decor on easter sunday.


since taking this picture, it has DOUBLED in height!

are you ready for easter???

my friend shannon just went on an awesome trip to maui,
and while her family was there, she and our other friend had an egg hunt on the beach
for the kids at NIGHT! they gave them flashlights to use… how fun & hip is that?!?

this has totally inspired me for this year…

{shhhh…on the down-low…}
rumor is: the easter bunny may be coming late saturday night in these parts.
the egg hunting will be done outside, in the dark!


do you plant wheat grass? if you get it planted any day this week, it should be the perfect length by april 24th. instructions to plant wheat grass are simple…

  • use good soil.
  • fill your planter/pot/jar almost to the top with soil. i like to go about 1″ from the top. or, use a thin layer of soil. this is your choice – you do not have to have a lot of soil to grow the grass. i have had success using pots with drainage and without.