stowe, vermont

October 17, 2012

last last weekend, we hit the road again for a mini trip in honor of columbus day. this time, we headed four hours north to stowe, vermont.

we joined forces with a huge majority of other fellow-new-englanders and did what people do out here at this time of year: we followed the foliage north, and became leaf peepers!

that’s right – we took a weekend trip just to observe the beautiful shades of leaves this area of the country offers at this time of year.

we stopped by the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in vermont, made visits to three antique shops, enjoyed everything the Trapp family lodge had to offer,


this trip? i feel guilty saying things like, “i needed this family-reunion-vacation” knowing traveling is a luxury, but i’m still going to say it. since we’ve returned to our home {almost five weeks ago} i am more relaxed than i’ve been in a long time, in sync with my husband, nature, my own mind and spirit. like my soul has found a peace it needed. why? i believe it was because i reconnected with so many of my kinfolk.

i believe, we each need those connections to stay balanced.

{Pasco farmer’s market | my sister-in-law Janice, moi, niece Marisa | fresh flowers for my dad’s grave}

visiting my Dad’s grave in Kennewick…


Mt. Rainier

October 9, 2012

we visited paradise.

first stop, christine falls —

second stop, narada falls —

the kids and i are tiny little dots standing on the bridge at the top of narada falls.

third stop, paradise

what am i doing in this last picture? i am taking a picture out the window of our SUV of that tree that stands alone on that little island. poetic,



October 9, 2012

the washington-family-reunion-road-trip-vacation-documentation continues on…

after our stop at lake quinault, we continued on to montesano. Montesano, Washington is my hometown. i was born in Juneau, Alaska and also moved to American Fork, Utah the year i was in third grade, but I definitely claim Montesano as my hometown. I lived their most the years from the time i was an infant till i was thirteen years old. and now, my kiddos have been there! so cool.

when i was a kid my grandpa would always tell me this story:

in the early days there was an indian chief named Monte, and one day the indian chief from the next village over paid Monte a visit.