cross country Rhodes trip

August 3, 2013

cross country rhodes trip one

1: little miss six likes to travel like her momma… she takes everything but the kitchen sink!
2: holy holy holy, upstate new york is beautiful! (visiting the LDS church history sites in palmyra, new york.)

cross country rhodes trip two

cross country rhodes trip three

3: the kids loved taking turns driving with danny in the u-haul truck.

4: something about all that water and all its power makes me feel uneasy… small. weak. it’s amazing, but i’m terrified of being near it. same feeling happens to me on big bridges and in the ocean.

cross country rhodes trip four

5: we dined here.



May 5, 2013

i am on my way home from an epic girls trip. husband surprised me about two weeks ago – he shared the news that he’d been planning a trip to maui with six of my girlfriends. the main purpose of the trip was to give me some relaxation after one of my craziest years so far plus celebrate that i am almost-cancer-free. many of you possibly followed along via instagram, and you will see a few of those pictures again in this post. the pictures speak for themselves – we enjoyed everything that maui has to offer, adventure was our theme. my friend jenn has a home in maui and she was our tour guide, and host. we all agree,


this was my third year to attend Altitude Design Summit {affectionately alt} and it was an experience totally different than my first two years. to start, it’s like going home now – not just because it’s held in one of my home states, utah, where i lived for twenty-two years. but because alt. includes a community of creatives i feel connected to. alt is a group of people just as obsessed as i am about design, parties, holidays, fashion, food, creating, motherhood, and more. and we tolerate each others craziness!

i attend alt because of this community and the wealth of inspiration i find there. this year, as i sat in classes i kept hearing a similar theme over and over again.


cabo san lucas, part IV

December 26, 2012

{this is the last post for cabo san lucas…}

poolside in cabo

our last day{s} is always a little sad in cabo. we all mentally prepare to go home. do you do that on vacation? the last day or two, do your thoughts return to what-needs-to-be-done-at-home-or-work mode and you start to abandon the carefree spirit of vacation? cabo is so special to us, that none of us want it to end…

for some reason, we usually stay one to three+ days longer than our friends who go with us… so, the day they leave is a total downer.

KJ cheered himself up with three vanilla milkshakes after his buddies left…

three vanilla milkshakes



cabo san lucas, part III

December 26, 2012

{making a tribe.}

while in cabo i was reading and looking through the latest edition of kinfolk. i felt an immense connection to the words by rebecca parker payne when she talks about making a tribe.

so…. for this post, i am doing something new – i am going to quote her entire article, with our pictures. they don’t relate. and yet they do relate. she talks about traditional childhood memories in respect to hunting down the perfect christmas tree in the blue ridge mountains. my pictures are from a few of my favorite days in cabo san lucas, one of our holiday traditions. we have been going to mexico for the holidays,


cabo san lucas, part II

December 23, 2012

instax vignettes from day three:

a picture of pictures, cabo day three

sisters in doo-rags {keepin’ it classy!}:

cabo day three my bandanda girls

mi familia:

instax pics of cabo day three

myla was stung by a jelly fish on her hand! {eek!} + sela’s second paddle boarding lesson:

cabo day three jelly fish bite and paddle board lesson

sand creations:

cabo day three sand castles

the bland familia + stacey clark, a new favorite friend.

the bland family day three in cabo

susan’s first time to paddle board:
{so proud of her! not just for paddle boarding, but for getting in the water!!!}

suzi q paddle boards for the first time

susan &