sela finished her class at the little gym.

she loved it, every week. sela was always so excited to go!

on the final day, the kids/instructors had a finale for all the parents/siblings to watch.

i picked up all the kids at 10:15 am on their last day of school, dusty met us there, and sela had her whole family there to cheer for her!

sela performed just about the same as she did for her dance rehearsal.

timid. fingers in her mouth.

near the end of the show, she started to perform a little bit more,


so she is really loving her new little gym class with her buddy cozette, a.k.a. cozy.
all day long, sela will request,
“can i play with a friend?”
“can i go to a friends house?”
“will you call reagan and see if she can play?”

{reagan is almost twelve, she is her big sis’s friend.

sela believes full-heartedly that reagan is her bestie.}

from a young age, aren’t we just

so thankful for friends!?!