st patty’s day…

March 18, 2013

came and went in the blink of an eye. our kiddos woke up to a trail of three leaf clovers that lead to a pot of treats. we had a busy family day, and that was it! what did you do?

three-leaf clover trail to a pot of treats via seejaneblog

my leprachaun via seejaneblog


irish or not, i like to spread a little green + rainbow cheer this time of year. i prefer years when march is the focus of st patrick’s day and april is easter. this year i feel crunched for time with the two happening only two weeks apart. regardless, both holidays mean spring and that is constantly on my mind…

sunshine, rainbows, and warmer weather one of these days!

rainbow pom pom garland via seejaneblog

photo props on statues and yarn-wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

saint patrick's day home decor via seejaneblog

saint patrick's day home decor plus yarn-wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

rainbow yarn ball garland via seejaneblog

do you celebrate st patrick’s day? have any plans for the holiday this year?



March 21, 2012

we drove into the city, found a great spot to park on west street. walked around enjoying the sunshine. had hot dogs and sodas at the boston common. we rode the T out to south boston for the annual st patty’s day parade – lots of green traveling on the subway!

we waited two hours for the parade, but made it to the front for a great view! the parade was fun, simple, festive – lots of bagpipes, armed forces, star wars, and saint patrick!  we left early. we are not really parade people… i recommend going to it once in your life,


happy weekend!

March 16, 2012

this weekend is packed with goodness. first, sela will be dancing in her first competition with the lil dance team she is on. we are all excited to cheer for her! she has already asked that we don’t forget her flowers. {the details little sis has absorbed after years of watching big sis perform!} kiana, one of her ballet friends, and i have tickets to this. girls night out! kiana is thinking about attending this dance studio next year so we are attending their 2011 show to scope-out the dance scene. myla is going to her first birthday party since we’ve moved to boston. we’ll be celebrating st. patrick’s day here.


☘ ☘ ☘

March 13, 2012

everybody’s irish on st. patrick’s day – at least it seems like that in the USA. especially here in boston! did you know Boston held America’s first st. patrick’s day celebration in 1737, and the city is called the Irish capital of America?

if you decide to join in the fun, here are my ideas for green festivities!

on saturday morning {very early} we will dye our traditional crepes green + the kids love green milk! this year for our milk i found these adorable mason jar tumblers. i love how they look with our green stripy straws! and the kids will love using them long after st.


our day of green usually includes:

♣ a visit from a leprechaun, bringing something green to wear.

♣ green crepes & green milk for breakfast.

♣ lots of green snacks & sometimes green dinner too…

kj’s boston jersey is an original by pro look sports, husbands company.

i used my sparkling water bottles from here, for vases to decorate our breakfast table.

i filled them with individual flowers from a large bouquet via costco. i’m a big big fan of fresh flowers in my kitchen.