easter eggs.

April 19, 2011

the hipstamatic run-down of our easter egg-dyeing tradition…

maybe you all know this… but, using food coloring + vinegar/water works wayyyyy better than those little tablets you buy in kits. yeah. i didn’t know that, till this year. and our eggs are more gorgeous than eva!

i live for holidays & special events. so, easter is no exception, and i love everything…the eggs, the spring outfits, wheat grass, the pastel kitchen accessories, baby chicks {like… the real animal!}, the ham dinner.

i love pretending the easter bunny is going to come hopping right through our back yard in front of my older girls even though my excessive enthusiasm is met with rolled eyes by all.


1. my art room
2. creating spaces for my kids to create
3. organizing with a rainbow theme

this was a very easy, fun project. and it was spurred by my myla.
she wanted to organize the markers by color, so we rounded up all the small vases/jars we had already – and voila!

rainbow happiness.

i hope all my kids will have a passion for creating. for crafting. for painting. for writing. for designing. for making something out of nothing. because no matter what else is going on in life, no matter where they are, creativity provides so much happiness and confidence.