Racing Cane…

September 24, 2010
was amazing.
beautiful success.

the ‘one voice children’s choir’ sang daphne’s song,
and most of us had glistening eyes.

so proud of my bestie.

this will forever be one of my favorite saturday mornings, for our family.

so fun to wake-up and start the day with all of us running. not just us.
we were surrounded by daphne, her family, neighbors, so many dear friends…

this group pic below is moi with my munchkins and
some of their friends pre-races…

i’ve come to the conclusion,


racing the cane

August 16, 2010
i posted about my inspiring bestie, here and here last year.

this year, she has gone above and beyond

like you cannot even imagine!

daphne has taken her musical talent and mixed it with her passion
to serve. {check this out!} with that mix, she wrote, composed, and
recorded her very own song this year!

who does that?

my bestie.

i’ve thoroughly, with tears, most the time,
enjoyed this process with her vicariously.

in june, i sat next to daphne,