September 21, 2014

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With my break from blogging, I also stepped away from pinterest. I would pop in every once in a while and take a look around, but for almost two years I didn’t pin very often. My love for pinterest sways because as much as it is packed with good, amazing images – all hail Ben Silbermann!!! It also frustrates a lot of “creatives” who want to have and admire original ideas.

Maybe you have seen this happen: someone posts a creative/uniquely artsy idea or image on instagram. Within the first handful of comments a follower will say, so cool! i saw something like that on pinterest. Instant emotional deflation. In the art world,


tis the season to be jolly… fa la la la la la la la la! ahhhh, to be a child or teen during the holidays. it’s the most wonderful time of year, right? parties, gift-giving, shopping, seasonal traditions, traveling, special holiday shows on TV and in theaters. so many opportunities for fun!

today at Boston Mamas i am talking about tips to help our kids stay cheery during the holidays when ill moods arise. you can read more here.

what do you think? stress can be a grinch during the holidays, do you have any parenting advice for these type of situations?

be merry! xo.


oh, how pinteresting!

October 19, 2012

over at boston mamas today i am talking about 4 ideas for using pinterest other than your own self-interests!  click here to read the full article.

during our trip to nevada {last May!}, i spent a few hours on flights organizing my pinterest boards. it felt good to re-organize pins, and establish a better base for how i categorize all those beautiful images. I downsized from 39 to 29 boards. and, did you know you can customize your board covers now? read here to learn more.Have you used Pinterest in a unique way? I would love to hear other ideas for one of the greatest online tools of this generation!



February 29, 2012

you all know my love affair with pinterest – it’s one of the finest ways i know how to waste time. i also consider it the best online resource/tool for our generation. it’s incredible. and, i adore ben silbermann, the founder. however, {shhhh. whispering} i am trying to spend less time on it during 2012, because i want to have more original creativity/ideas to share with you here on seejaneblog. for the past two years, since pinterest launched in May of 2010, i feel that i was capable of sharing great ideas – but most of those ideas were not mine. they were my versions, of someone else’s idea. does this make sense? i was crafting &


diy: napkin bows

May 3, 2011

while perusing pinterest, i spotted this darling napkin bow. so, for easter dinner i tried them out! miss thirteen was my assistant, and after we figured out one, she made the rest for me! {i love having older kids who help!}



1. cut paper strips that are 8″ long, one-and-a-half inches wide. you can trim them shorter at the end, if you want a tighter center ring. fold the right side of the napkin in towards the center, leaving one inch of space.

2. continue by folding the left side in,


this is so simple + so ridiculously yummy & cute!

i spotted this idea here, while pinning this last week.

all you need: raspberries & chocolate chips! just stuff a chip in the berry {upside down}! and you have: gourmet-looking-treats!

do you pin? have you heard of pinterest??? it’s just oozing with awesome-ness. i could browse boards for hours finding beautiful images & inspiring ideas.

this is how it works: you create an account, and start pinning all your favorite images via the great www. more or less, it’s the most fresh-updated way to keep all your “book-marked”