March 23, 2011

…you know, when your friend calls and says, “hey, you want to plan a girls day at my cabin to snow-shoe & have lunch next week?” and you make her repeat it because you’re pretty sure she just said “snow-shoe & have lunch next week at my cabin” in the same sentence and snow-shoeing isn’t exactly something you do every day and surely you misunderstood her. but you didn’t. and you’re really glad when you agree to go.

this past monday, i felt so fabulous, lucky, and blessed to be out in nature, in one of the most heavenly-winter-scenic-places-on-earth, under billowy clouds shielding snowflakes-ready-to-fall on a plain-old week day that i posted on facebook,


our end of summer hoorah…

August 31, 2010
we love this mountain city.

it feels like our own little hideaway.
40 minute drive from our front door.
not too far, a beautiful drive.
the alpine slide.
the coaster {our fave!}
zip lines…

without realizing it, we’ve made it a tradition to end
our kids’ summer vacation with a weekend in park city.

the final family hoorah, before school begins.

boo to summer ending. i really dislike early mornings.
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