holiday home tour…

November 9, 2010
shamelessly, we went straight from halloween to christmas.

on november 1st.

my thanksgiving table will be decorated appropriately…
with turkeys, brown, orange, leaves, and pilgrims.
and, we will feast with giant thankful hearts.


big ‘but’ here…

the ambiance surrounding the next eight weeks
is set in red, silver, white, gold, green,
candy canes, owls, santas, wreaths, and
with lots of lights & sparkles…


owl smores

October 21, 2010
…i saw this adorable idea here, and couldn’t resist.

we had to try it!

…you can imagine the laughter when the kids’ owls
were mis-shaped after microwaving them!
we didn’t follow the instructions very well,
you need to cut the marshmellows in HALF,
that would help with the major distortion!


flashback friday…

September 3, 2010
i spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid.
i lived near them, and my mom & i spent years living with them,
my mom cared for them once they became elderly.

my grandpa rocked.
he was a painter, poet, and gardener.

i remember spending so much time with him, by his side,
in his gardens. between gardening and life,

he was always ready to share his latest joke or
poetry with those we crossed paths with.
nowadays, my kids are often found
reading his poetry journals, and sharing his humor.
every year at grandparents day at school,


i am well-underway this semester with my new classes. i have oil painting, ceramics, a graphic design class, and a visiting-artist weekly lecture.
{love them all!}

my first project in my oil painting class was very time consuming. the whole point was to teach us to mix our paints, and more or less waste them. because this project took SO much paint. these paints are not cheap, people.

we were required to paint a color chart. It could be within a picture like mine is {not many people did this} or you could paint 96 popsicle sticks and line them up, make a checkerboard of 96 colors,