nycda – las vegas

February 21, 2011

earlier this month, we headed to vegas for a few days.

we had a great weekend mixed with dance & normal-vegas-visiting-events…

under blue warm skies,

we stayed at the vdara in the new city center.

it’s so nice, especially with kids. very central to the miracle mile shops, clean. new. contemporary. spacious. no casino {i like that when traveling as a family.} Even if we were disappointed that there weren’t any casinos near us, we could always just turn to online casinos instead. At least we’d still be together as a family. I have heard from my friends that some sites have a Welcome Offer when you join a new website,


dirty’s fabulous fortieth…

November 16, 2010

i don’t ever want to forget weekends like this.

{blast our weekend theme song, here.}

it was filled with family and friends. just like every year, the candles were blown out. games were played. stories were shared. music was played. laughter was contagious. one-liners were rampant. memories were made.

and, it was magical.

we filled this RV with as many people as we could,
and headed south…

lots of card games, scrabble, and treats.
thank you to michael for having incredible driving-parking skills,
“i’ve never seen a 40-foot sports car go so fast!”


say it ain’t so…

June 15, 2009

scotty turned the big 4-0!

this past weekend, we celebrated scotty’s 40 years at the bellagio in vegas, thank you for letting us join you. we truly cherish your friendship. and we warmly wish you many many more wonderful years to come –

you are truly one of the dearest. xoxo.

“it’s all for you…baby”

chris/suz/birthday boy
suz/me/brittneythe birthday dinner-one waitress asked if this was all a joke?!?
she said, “there’s no way he’s 40!”

thank goodness for awesome dancers!


our kids had their last day of school on friday, may 22nd. we picked them up from school at noon and headed to vegas!

we had a family wedding to attend in boulder city this weekend, and our darling niece dani hooked us up with a sweet deal where she works – the green valley ranch. we had a fantastic, spacious room and 50% off all of our food, love good deals. thank you very much D!

our family had a very needed, relaxing, weekend in the sun. there is nothing better than uninterrupted family time. we loved their pool. it had this awesome beach section full of sand that molded into the regular pool.